Sword Storm Saga || 18+ || PC/NA || SAVAGE WILDS || PVP: LAND CONQUEST

Sword Storm Saga is a brand new MMO-like NA server that offers a game-changing approach to PvP. Thanks to the Kingdoms & Conquest mod, our server lets you PvP and fight over resource gathering capture points instead of raiding player bases!

Our 18+ custom High fantasy lore will keep you interested! We have events, lore inspired towns with merchants, and more. We have added custom spawns of all sorts of creatures in the wild, with a visual map on our Discord for where and how to obtain them!

It is important to keep in mind that you will encounter the traditional PvP rules of Conan Exiles in this server like dropping items on death, players can loot others inventory, but your home base will never be raided!

New players will receive a FREE Starter Kit! This contains necessary starter gear, 75 starting gold (enough for a mount & saddle), as well as a temporary XP boost!

Your base is NOT raided! No raids on your home, only resource outpost bases!
➣ Your characters do NOT stay in the world when you log out!
➣ Play a variety of different races like elves, dwarfs, goblinoids, reptilians!
➣ Play a variety of different classes like spellcasters, warriors, and tanks!
➣ Play up to 5 different characters and switch between them at anytime!
➣ Enjoy 32 mods that improve the immersion and add a unique experience!
➣ A 100% non-toxicity environment for even the most casual players to enjoy!
➣ A plentiful PvE experience with 300 level cap, also balanced for PvP!
➣ A boost of x2 Harvesting as well as x2 Experience!
➣ Explore new lore-based towns, dungeons, and more!
➣ Active balance changes to keep PvP fair on all levels!

Server Name: Sword Storm Saga (18+ only) PvP/Land Wars
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