✪【SWORD STORM SAGA】◉【MMORPG-Style Server】◉【PvP Conquest System】◉【x2 XP and Harvesting】◉【PC/NA】◉【Savage Wilds】✪

✪ About Our Server ✪

Sword Storm Saga is a truly unique MMORPG-style experience that offers a game-changing approach to PvP!

Thanks to our handpicked collection of mods, our server lets you experience a full-scale PvP conquering system! You and your friends can fight for the highly contested capture points and or ‘factories’ that produce plentiful resources over time upon holding the point.

We offer a fully unique custom High fantasy lore that will keep you interested! This lore contains races and more from our own lands. We have many different events, fully built lore inspired towns and merchants, and much more! We have added custom spawns of all sorts of creatures in the wild, with a visual map on our Discord for where and how to obtain them!

It is important to keep in mind that you will encounter the traditional PvP rules of Conan Exiles in this server like; dropping items on death, players can loot others inventory, but your home base will never be raided!

New players will receive a FREE Starter Kit! This contains necessary starter gear, 75 starting gold (enough for a mount & saddle), as well as a temporary XP boost!

✪ What Our Server Offers ✪

➣ Play up to 5 different characters and switch between them at anytime!
➣ Your home base is NOT raided! Only resource conquest defense bases are raidable!
➣ Your characters will NOT stay in the world when you log out and are kept safe.
➣ Tame new animals and ride new mounts with exclusive Blackthorn Mounts!
➣ Play a variety of different races like elves, dwarfs, goblinoids, reptilians, and more!
➣ Play a variety of different classes like spellcasters, warriors, tanks, and more!
➣ Enjoy 32 mods that improve the immersion and add a unique experience!
➣ A 100% no-toxicity environment for even the most casual players to enjoy!
➣ A plentiful PvE experience with 300 levels, no attributes after level 60, just feats.
➣ Boosted rates of x2 Harvesting & x2 Experience! Faster thrall & pet taming rates.
➣ Explore new lore-based towns, dungeons, and more!

Come and test your mettle, or just hang out and build. Our server has a place for everyone! We can’t wait to see you there!

✪ Server Information ✪

◉ Server Name: Sword Storm Saga (18+ only) PvP/Land Wars
◉ Direct Connect:

◉ Discord Server: Sword Storm Saga
◉ Full Steam Modlist: Steam Workshop::Sword Storm Saga [PC] [PVP LAND CONQUEST]

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:large_blue_diamond: Sword Storm Saga offers a variety of our uniquely admin-built towns for our own custom lore! :large_blue_diamond:

Located on the arctic biome’s Southern border, Rimehold is a cavernous stronghold constructed and inhabited by the dwarfs. The stronghold only has one point of entry and is heavily guarded by dwarven soldiers. While Rimehold openly accepts visiting outsiders, the dwarfs do not let any reside within their walls. Rimehold is sought-out by outsiders because of its metalworking and stonemasonry vendors. Rarely does Rimehold ever receive many outsiders at a time due to the unforgiving frigid climate. Rimehold is also home to the Legendary Master Forge, which cannot be accessed until you reach level 100.

Ready to jump into the new and improved Jhebbal Sag’s Grove?

:white_check_mark: Enjoy many of our custom reworks of popular Savage Wilds areas!

Join our Discord for more information! Sword Storm Saga

You can enjoy some of our unique content you wont find elsewhere!

Introducing, our FULLY SCRIPTED fishing system:

Arena mode features exciting rewards for 1v1 or 2v2 PvP duels, without the inventory loss!

Explore the unforgiving arctic and conquer the highly contested settlement of Frozengrad!