SWORDS & SANDALS [PS4 PvE-C Server -- Barbaric Difficulty]

Swords & Sandals

PS4 Barbaric difficulty RP-PvE-C server.

All thieves, reavers and slayers welcome!

Server Rules

  • Barbaric difficulty (PvP damage is normal). Conan would scoff at anything less, whelp!
  • 24/7 PvP
  • Lootable containers (remember to lock them)
  • Reduced land claim radius (resources spawn closer to buildings)
  • Offline purges disabled
  • No purge spawn one hour before or one hour after daily server restart
  • Kiting NPCs/bosses to other players' bases is permitted as long as they are NOT PURGE MOBS
  • No cheating or exploiting
  • No admin abuse

Daily server restart 5am PST.

Playstation Community

Swords & Sandals -> Join today, you son of a motherless goat! Make alliances, taunt your enemies and give feedback!

Admin PSN

  • Green-Dragon-33 (admin-only account, not used for game play)
  • Green-Dragon-009 (play-only account, not used for server admin)


Exile, make your way to The Sentinels. A few paces to the east you will find a shrine to Conan where you may claim your Day 1 Exclusive Conan’s Atlantean Sword!

Now go forth to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women!


Look here for server events once we have recruited enough exiles with the stones for Barbaric Difficulty.


Deddicus, an exile of particularly nasty repute, has been seen wandering the Exiled Lands.

Once a treacherous spell-mumbler with a penchant for necromancy, his sorcerous abilities were lost when he was banished beyond the Ghost Fence.

There can be little doubt that he will seek to regain his vile powers and must be stopped before it is too late!

Each and every time Deddicus is slain his essence is diminished. This power will transfer to you in the form of a Fragment of Power!

Now go forth, Exile, and crush this enemy!

Barbaric Difficulty Tips

If you are new to Barbaric Difficulty here are some random tips in no particular order…

  • It gets easier. The first few levels in Barbaric Difficulty are the roughest. It gets rapidly easier once you get past level 15 or so.
  • Don't rush ahead. Use the Oasis (Noob River) and nearby area as your main base of operations until at least level 25 or so.
  • Agility <-- first 10 attribute points. Needed since the Riders of Hyboria update to grant the necessary dodge maneuverability to avoid getting slaughtered starting off in Barbaric Difficulty.
  • Grit <-- second 10 attribute points. This will allow you to do four heavy attacks and a dodge without running out of stamina.
  • Strength <-- third 10 attribute points. This will grant you double concussion damage while attempting to knock out thralls.
  • Get armor ASAP. There are several spawn points for one-skull elite fighter thralls scattered throughout the Oasis. Farm these thralls for a set of flawless light or medium armor. You can repair as needed using repair kits until you get a named armorer thrall.
  • Buffs matter. As soon as you are able, add the simple weapon upgrade kits, simple tool upgrade kits and simple armor upgrade kits to your gear. Craft the best food you can and carry some Aloe Extract potions.
  • Get thralls ASAP. Crafting thralls are very important but get a fighter thrall as soon as you can. Try for one of the one-skull elites mentioned above. They are not too difficult to knock out. Craft them some heavy armor and give them one of the Day 1 Exclusive Conan's Atlantean Swords found at Conan's Shrine a few paces east of The Sentinels. This one is a real game changer.
  • Build your base to be Purge resistant. One idea is to build on a low escarpement or tall cliff. Ensure some part of your base decends to the ground so that the Purge attackers have something to attack. This allows your base to be mostly safe from Purge damage and gives you an easy area to concentrate your defensive resources into a kill zone.
  • Use Palisades! They do 100% damage, even in Barbaric Difficulty, and just annihilate Purge attackers.
  • Yarr! Make the run up the river to the Black Hand Pirate Ship. There are two chests you can climb to from underneath the ship both of which drop great stuff - including legendary weapons and hardened steel truncheons.

Good luck, whelps!

Made a small but important change to the Barbaric Difficulty settings…

Basically, Barbaric Difficulty means that NPCs do 200% damage and players do 50% damage. The problem with this default setting in a multiplayer game is that players do 50% damage to other players - making combat way too long and drawn out.

In order to improve this experience, I increased the player damage to from 50% back to 100% and decreased the NPC damage taken from 100% to 50%. This exactly preserves the Barbaric Difficulty experience in PvE while keeping with the norm for PvP encounters.

One side effect of this change is that NPCs will now take 50% damage from your thralls. This, however, is a welcome change in my opinion as thralls are stumbling around one-shotting everything on default settings.