***NEW PvE - Conflict Server *** Nov. 11th, 2019 (US) Barbaric Diff

New PvE - Conflict Server set up today to line up with the Thrall and Mount change thats INC.

Friends and I have played recently and decided to start our own server with ““Barbaric Difficulty Setting”” we wanted to experience more of a survival and challenge feel from the game. Tested for a day and some settings were tweaked and we feel the server is where we want it now, However settings are open for discussion and change depending on the community we build.

No Building Destruction
PvP however is 24 / 7
Rates are all Vanilla Settings
Decay is enabled

We have a few Simple Rules : No Griefing, and 1 Main Base with 3 outposts per Clan. this will be enforced.
No Building on top of NPC camps or POI’s or blocking main Routes. ( Allow a reasonable distance from these areas )

Theres plenty of area to build without taking the other players immersion away.

Discord: Conan WidowMaker Server

https: // discord .gg / feEq6rF

Server will not be wiped unless required to do so.

So of you feel you want more of a challenge from Conan Exiles come give Barbaric Settings a try

To Find us- Server name: WidowMaker / Difficulty: Barbaric
Filter : Internet
Combat Mode: PvE Conflict
Community: Hardcore
Region: America

Direct Connect IP:

Atimar I cant get the server to show up, is it live yet ?

Hi Yes Server is up and running

I can give you the IP for a Direct connect

Thanks, I will check it out.

bumping post

PVP isn’t the main goal of server its there to add that little fear knowing your never really safe.

Server is running well, about 5 or 6 casual players. still lots of room, great place to get set u for the big patch

Lots of space come join us.