Barbaric Empire : New server (9/22 fresh start) PC, PVE-C

Conan Exiles the way the devs meant it to be played. (in my opinion) This is a mod free server running on the barbaric mode vanilla settings. It makes the game a little more challenging without being so hard you will want to crawl out of your skin, and being an official setting is balanced.

This is a relatively fresh server, paid up for a year, so it won’t be going anywhere .

We are running it like an official server, except we will clean up abandoned floating thralls/trash left behind by anyone. Admin is active and available on discord in case there are any issues. We do have a server side script (not a mod), that basically makes sure that wells will refill as long as they are left on the ground and not foundations. This was important to help expand the reasonable building locations for people.

PVE-C server set to keep your builds safe, but player vs player is active.

Discord channel:

Server address:

Please come and check us out, we are a friendly community, happy to answer any questions. As the server evolves over time, changes to setting may be considered, but would be put to the community before changes are made.

Main Server Rules: We don’t have many, but we will enforce the one’s we have.

  • No harassment of players verbal, or otherwise will be tolerated.
  • Clans can have up to two major builds on the server, but no more. Major builds are defined by anything more then a 7 x 7 square area. (IE: If you want to have a thrall wheel somewhere, that is fine) This is to ensure areas for smaller groups to be able to build as well. If you clan wants to host a standalone public map room for people to use, that would be exempt as well.

I joined your discord but nobody was there…

It depends on the time of day. People are online on chat most of the day, in voice usually just in the evening.

Quick update: We are upto 8 regular players and still looking for more. Lots of great areas to build, still no one at 60 yet as we are just starting out.

Am I one of the regulars??

Avatar lol

yea, you are avatar

Server is growing with quality people and we invite you to check us out. This weekend is a double harvest weekend as well (Saturday and Sunday).