Barbaric Empire : New Server, 18+, Clean Start, Barbaric Mode PVE-C

The casual mode of Conan is fun, but everything is too easy and you can kill every boss before endgame. You can run into the highland at lvl 10 and setup shop without fear.

Welcome to Barbaric Mode, PVE-C. This is the default barbaric mode from Conan Exiles, we haven’t changed a setting. I am happy to entertain possible changes from people down the road, but I want to try the base barbaric mode first. You can still go up into the Highlands at lvl 10, I just don’t recommend it.

There is a discord channel setup,, happy to make any sub channels that people would like.

The server is Barbaric Empire

This is a new server set up to play, we love the game and would like to invite you to join us in barbaric conan exiles :smile: We are on pretty much every day in the evenings (this thing called work gets in the way during the day)