New PvP-Server / Beginner friendly / 2xHarvest and EXP

Hello fellow Conan Exiles players!
This is a new beginner friendly PvP Server, which also gives quite a challange for experienced ones.

Direct IP:

Server settings:
2x Harvest and EXP gained
Clansize is limited to four players
Building damage is off Monday to Friday
PvP is allways possible
Avatars are disabled (Maybe they will be activeted in the future, let’s see how the new patch plays out)

Active Admins
New players won’t get raided or harassed by the established players
If you have any questions, players were willing to answer them in the past
If you are an experienced player, some of us are to and will give you a good fight

Pippi, whith home teleport activated and a starter kit
Faster elevators
Lesser building restrictions

Feel free to ask question while playing or add me on Steam.

So it is not a PVP server. I do not understand that all privates servers are week end only raid, fews hours.

Well, the fights between players are still activated, so it is ineed a PvP Server. Raiding people who can’t afford to stay up late on weekdays on the other hand, feels more like PvE. The only thing you have to face as the attacker, are the defenders NPC’s.