The Derpbarians PvE Server is seeking players! No RP Necessary! Plenty of Building Space!


Hello All!

I’m a private server admin from the very beginning of Conan Exiles’ Early Access Period. I live-streamed the game starting in late February 2017 to my small audience. We had good fun in those days with the stream serving as a meeting place for people to join the server…we ran dungeons, summoned gods to destroy Sepermeru, built mega fortresses and ran The Dregs like old friends. However, due to reasons I will not bother to detail because either you are like me and lived through the troubled times or you are new and these issues are all since resolved, interest in Conan Exiles streams faded, interest in the game faded, and my server dried up. I miss it so.

However, with the renewed general interest in the game, I thought I’d extend a general invitation to the wider Conan Exiles community to pop on by and join the fun. There are only about five of us on the server and three bases that I know about–one of which is mine. As of May 3, 2018, anyway. I’ll update this space when this changes significantly.

Here’s the rundown of server settings:

Name: The Derpbarians PvE Server NOW TESTLIVE

Server Database Created: April 28, 2018 (Full Wipe if you remember it from July or even earlier)
Next Full Wipe: Uhhh…maybe July. A good long time, let’s say that. No need to worry about losing your progress on May 8th.
Admins: Scourge012
Build: Testlive (Until May 8th).

Honestly, depending on how stable it is on May 8th, we may continue to use Testlive if critical fixes come through it. My goal is to provide a stable server for you all and sometimes Testlive is more stable and playable…you know because religion isn’t broken or whatever ;-p

Server Ruleset:
3.5x Experience
3x Harvesting
3x Crafting
3x Faster Thrall Breaking Speed
Building Decay Disabled
Gods Enabled
Purge Enabled and configured for a small group to see one (roughly one quarter the number of points needed to summon a Purge…still it’ll take you a few play sessions probably to see one if you are going solo or just one other person)
Building Damage is Disabled Also (unclear if it still takes damage from the Purge).

I have disabled loot dropping until we have a more stable build (probably all the way until May 8th). All five of us on the server had experienced a BattlEye Bad Module Info crash that caused us to lose all our best gear while we were running various dungeons or out in the world…and then the game client has been unstable for us since that issue was fixed. We’ve lost a lot of gear in just a matter of days due to crashing.

Since I think losing gear is a good punishment for dying, I feel like this setting should be enabled, but I can’t in good conscience turn it on in this, shall we say, technical environment. I will make many announcements and edit the server’s Message of the Day in advance of re-enabling item dropping on death.

Everything Not Mentioned is Default

Looks like a server I could enjoy Im an older retired guy so I play at all times I have discord and t/s Found your server says invalid I have no mods

Well, if you are still here, let’s troubleshoot :slight_smile:

Are you on the current Testlive build? (95237)?

I would like to Join but the server is not showing coulod you link the Ip/port ?

Hi Scourge

Myself and a friend are just getting into the game and are looking for a great server to get involved with. Do you have room for us?