System locks up when capturing Dragging a Thrall

Official server - Combat_Testlive_US3_PvE
Whenever a Thrall is captured and being dragged, system locks up and must be rebooted via task manager.
This is reported by multiple players so different systems.

Doesn’t matter who or when or what time of day, catch a thrall and start dragging it, the system locks up.

Should add that this becomes very annoying as your character does not stop moving or log out when you are forced to crash the system. (CTRL+ALY+DEL) So by the time you are able to get back to the game, the thrall can be gone, you could have walked through another thrall camp (and been killed,) or just walk off to the middle of the river when you bindings snap. In other words, the game doesn’t stop just because you have locked up, it keeps the player moving in the direction they were moving.

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