Taboo Corruption (Adult 18+ RP/ERP)

Welcome to the land of Taboo - where mythical beings and humans exist side-by-side, and the only limitation is your imagination. Long ago, the exiled lands were created for thieves, sorcerers, and those deemed a nuisance to society. A place where it’s inhabitants actively sought ways in which to permanently die so they could be free from the torment and pain their new residence inflicted upon them. The stories and journals they’ve left behind give us a glimpse into that unforgiving world that was once ruled by the cruelest and most devious imaginable.

Over time the portal leading to the exiled lands began to split, creating thousands of alternate realities. These other portals allowed the entry of beasts, demons, and all kinds of strange and wondrous creatures. Many of the alien creatures are friendly, though some are not, and like their predecessors they only seek to destroy or enslave those around them. The small town of Ebonmore is the entry port of one of the split portals, and where our story begins.

The once omnidirectional portal has, over time, allowed it’s residents the ability to travel all over Taboo. Giving the once restricted residents the option to visit regions and cultures that would have been difficult, if not impossible before. No longer are the people of the north and south separated by vast amounts of land, but they are now free to mingle and create lasting friendships… or perhaps… they may choose to seek out more nefarious ways of surrounding themselves in the company of others. However you choose to spend your time in exile, Taboo welcomes you with open arms (and legs) to give you respite from the cruel, unforgiving world around you.

Mods: Pippi

Conan Sexiles

Immersive Sexiles Server

Mod Pickup+

Emberlight 2.0.3
Immersive Sexiles Stacks x1000

Primal Armors


RP Aesthetics (RA

Glowing Eyes & More



Prude Nude Compatibility Version


Shendelzare’s Secret



Thrall War Dungeon Mod

Roleplay 1.3.1

Deco & Placeables