The Lands of Exile (18+ RP-PvP)

Lands of Exile is a newly founded RP-PvP Server. Offering the main bulk of that experience to be story driven and have a narrative series of events to keep players engaged. Additionally offering the ability of Players to set up their own Thespians as Social Vendors, to pre-established Quest Vendors and Item-Trading Vendors outside the streets of Sepermeru.

With additional abilities such as the options to form together and establish Towns and larger Cities, which come with their own unique perks which benefit the Clan and the other Players who visit such wonderful places.

We are a newly established group of people. So therefor the server is fresh faced and seeking people to populate, create and craft wonders, and so forth! Discord, and everything else will be listed below! We hope to see you around, you’d be more than welcomed!

*Admin Spawned Quest NPC’s / Thespian Markets lead to a bright economical use of Pippi within the Game World. From the bustling streets of sepermeru, to Admin or future Player-made Merchants in bustling Towns or Cities.

*Go it alone or band together, perhaps even make a decision to bring a little civilisation to the LoE by erecting a Town? Maybe even a City? Earn great perks for your investments in Roleplay and the Community.

*Spot the Crazed Guide around the Lands, Some say, this Man has been everywhere, even past the fence. Some claim he eats one eyeball a day and it grows back, all we know is he’s called Brogi! And will provide you quick travel!

*Future Events are in the pipework. Enabling you (should you wish) to partake in as much RP as desired and, offering as much possible to provide as many unique and thrilling experiences as possible.

Mod Load:
RP Aesthetics (RA)
Warrior Mutator
Admin Skellos
Savage Steel
Savage Steel II
Immerse RP Decor
Less Building Placeables
Less Building Placeables - Overlap
Crafty Counters
Sexiles Server Mod
Pickup +
Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
Primal Armors
Glass Constructions and more…

  • Brand New Server!
  • Max capacity 20 (Increase As Needed)
  • Sever is Password Protected.
  • Server is UK based
  • Both US and EU admins will be available
  • Quests Provided!
  • Claim Radius is reduced to allow cohesive Building (even Clan-less)
  • Structure Decay Is Off.
  • XP Rate: x2
  • Gathering Rate: x1 (Occasionally x2 on Special Events)
  • God Avatars Enabled: No
  • Drop Equipment on Death: No
  • The Purge Activated: No
  • Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes

A Town is formed, when certain criteria are met and are offered small perks:
-Clan of 5 Players Minimum. Built close together in an area.
-No Combat Thralls In View. (hidden in back rooms etc.
-Thespians can work as IC Guards etc.)
-Open Public Area Access. (Bar, Bathhouse etc.)
-Private Homes/Areas may be shut off.
If these criteria are met. A Quick Travel point will awarded your Clan. As well as a Personal Flag/Banner (of choice)

A City is formed from a Town when certain additional criteria are met, additional perks are offered:
-Clan of 8 or more Members.
-Public Crafting Area with all Stations available.
If the criteria is met you will be granted Admin-Placed Merchants (who will buy certain materials for Pippi Silver), and also a few Quest NPC’s.