Taking damage while blocking with a shield

I don’t know if this was intended but I am now taking damage when I block an attack with a shield. Just thought I’d let you know.


The issue seems to only effect shields that were crafted prior to the testlive update.

Shields crafted or spawned after the update to testlive seem to be working as intended.


Do I have to understand that I need to re-do my whole collection of shields?

I do agree, one of the issue is that when you block against an opponent, you get both losses: loss of stamina AND loss of hit points. On the other hand, the stamina recovery works.


Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and it’s being looked into at the moment for a future iteration of the Testlive update.
Thanks for the feedback.

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So now all my lengy shields are wall hangers, great.
Time to give noobs all our lengy and made shields.
Go out and get new ones.
Thanks FUncom for the new game experience.

Ah, so that’s what’s going on - I knew there was something different between the two shields I’ve used on current testlive. Was starting to wonder if the material differences were the cause, but the difference in when they were created would make perfect sense :slight_smile:

Nope. I’ve tested it multiple times today with different shield types that was all crafted today on PublicTestServer-EU-PvE ExildLands. Enemys can hit you behind your active shield block. It seems that there are mesh collission problems, so the attack can go behind the shieldblock and hit the charakters hitbox.

It is likely 2 different bugs. With a shield crafted before the update to testlive every attack will result in loss of health, stamina, and durability to the shield.

With a shield that is crafted after the testlive update “most” of the attacks are blocked resulting on only the loss of stamina and durability to the shield. (this is what I believe is being reported here)

There is another issue that I have yet to be able to figure out what exactly is going on. This issue is that some attacks bypass the block for no apparent reason. I actually thought I needed to replace my keyboard or something because the attack would just get through my block and I thought that the key for block must be failing, until I saw reports of other people having this experience.

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The stamina loss when using a pre-2.2 shield is also much much higher.

I can verify the other issue that Wak mentions:

I’ve had this happen multiple times. Most notably against the Guardian of the Flame in the Unnamed City.

Hey there again,

We’re aware of a number of these issues (pre-2.2 shields not working as intended, either because of durability or not blocking HP damage; stun and block animations not syncing between attacker and defender; stamina not draining when in PVP combat; special attacks not draining stamina 50% of the time). The issue about shields sometimes getting bypassed could be related to any of the known above. We’ve sent it to the team so they can look into it and determine if that’s the case.

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I like the idea that everybody who uses a shield (you, thrall, enemy) can get hit sometimes even when they raise the shield to block. Only 2 things can bypass this so far: the CTRL (default) attack with a 2 handed sword and a 2 handed hammer attack that sunders you, but doesn’t hurt.
So maybe the constant block + light attack with a mace/1 handed sword cheap method will be forgotten.

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it could be a bit at random… why not. The other way to deal with this random effect… could be to introduce some passive armor points to shields

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