Tales Of Conquest RP/PVP

Good evening, Exiled!

If you’re looking for a new home, new community, or perhaps something mellow and comfortable, Tales Of Conquest is for you.

We are a Xbox One server with a fairly active community. (Dying out recently, hence the ad)
Events are always actively thought of, but due to the private lives of the admins there hasn’t been many lately, but all of us are working to fix that and keep the game interesting for everybody.

We have (in short):
-Admin shop
-PVE city (work in progress)
Raid times are Sat. - Tues. 4:00 PM - 10 PM (EST)
DOD (drop on death) is active during raid days, KOD (keep on death) active on non raid days.

We have become more strict over removing trolls, and we do not tolerate cheaters/exploiters.

Racial discrimination, homophobia, harrassment, etc. is not tolerated at ALL and you will be banned immediately without any warning. (This includes outside the discord server, in private messages, parties, etc.) We would recommend you keep politics in DMs but it isn’t a rule to keep it out of chats.

To keep this short, the discord has more information to answer your questions, but if you happen to have more please do not hesitate to message an admin. Thank you!

Message me if you would like the link. If you would like to get in contact with me through discord, my user is: Aphrodite#6054.