Tales of Hyboria (RP PvE-C) for PS4/5 - New Server

‘Tales of Hyboria (RP PvE-C) for PS4/5’ is a light RP server, focused on creating an immersive experience, based on Robert E. Howard Hyborian Age in the Exiled Lands.

RP Server for PS4/5


  • Job roles
  • Kingdoms
  • Clan/Kingdom wars
  • Bronze currency
  • Bronze admin shop
  • Tavern rp
  • No building damage
  • Friendly community

coming soon:

PvP Town (clan battle royal) for competitions

Jail system
…And more

Starter kits include:

  • A randomized weapon, armour, pet, horse, pickaxe, bronze coins
  • Join our thriving exiles server, follow the link to our discord, tell your Tale of Hyboria in an age undreamed of.

Discord Link
https :// discord. gg/ CgyT2rM74A

NOTE: We operate only in Exiled Lands