Tannery skinning time bug?

**Game mode:**Single-Player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Single-Player
Region: NA

Tanner with T3 thrall seemed to process more than 50 hyena pelts and hides into light leather instantaneously. It’s not really an annoying bug, because it makes things easier, but it seems unintended/broken

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place materials to refine in Tanner (I had hyena pelts and light hides; 50 or more of each, don’t remember. My Tanner has a T3 thrall in it).
  2. Hit Go
  3. All the mats instantly process to light leather.
  4. I don’t know if any bark got used or not

This is a bug that occurs randomly on all workstations that process items, both in single player and in multiplayer server games. Perhaps this is first time you’ve encountered it in the game. It’s something that has been impossible for Funcom to replicate reliably.

Basically, when a player approaches any workstation the game runs a series of scripts to reconcile what crafting/production should have occurred between the time the player(s) were last in the vicinity and the current time …
eg load tannery with 500 hides and 100 bark, activate tanning process … run out of rendering range OR log out … be away from the tannery for x time …say 1 hour … as no one is near the tannery then the game halts the processing as soon as the player is not close … player logs in or runs back into the tannery’s vicinity and the game runs a script to determine how much leather should have been produced in the elapsed time …
Usually it gets it right and you would come back to see part of a large stack consumed in proportion to the time interval & available fuel. Or if the station ran out of fuel only some would have been converted and the station has turned off. … as if you had been ingame watching it convert the entire time.

Randomly however the game fails to run this script properly and instead converts everything in the workstation to the final product so long as there is fuel in the station to consume for the number of items regardless of the time interval … eg instead of calculating that 1 hour elapsed, the script acts as if infinite time as elapsed and hence everything in it would have been converted.

Randomly, the game fails to execute this “catch-up reconciliation” script BEFORE you add items (or more items) to the workstation and when you have added items and activated the station THEN it runs the script with infinite time elapsed and EVERYTHING converts up to the limiting factor of fuel being used up. (handy when it’s a tannery or furnace, not so handy when it’s a campfire).

There is nothing I’m aware of that a player can do to FORCE the script to mis-fire and instant craft (If another reader does know of a way …PLEASE do NOT respond here but tell Funcom privately exactly how it can be done so they can a) reliably reproduce this bug and b) code to prevent it.)

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Hey there @monkeybarrel

We’re aware of this issue but it has proven to be difficult for QA to reproduce reliably. Sending your feedback to them again and see if we can determine the cause for it.

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