Temple of the Gods Building Contest - share your creation

I am creating this post for folks to share their submitted creations if they wish to do so.

My Creation dedicated to Crom:

Video link - Google Drive: Sign-in


I already posted mine in a different topic, but I’ll quote it here so people don’t have to navigate away from this one :slight_smile:


Lol did Crom too hahah


For him I did a lot of steel weapons. Furnaces and blacksmiths… Had a view of the snowy mountain in the back and left the middle open to catch site of meteors that flew over as well as keep smoke out from the furnaces…since I had no throne of a skeleton I did an empty throne with skull in it. Can’t be complete though with out dancers hahaha.


Been building in this area for awhile now (solo). This is the first time I’ve built a proper Temple. I don’t generally like building big (cost and time). But having all the somewhat necessary structures demands it, e.g. greater wheel, map room, animal pen, etc.) I also like having the natural environment in the courtyard, so to speak.

Ran out of time making this vid, so it’s very unpolished. Anyway this is my take on the Derketo religion, no mods. Enjoy.

Derketo TofG Contest Entry


My submission to the contest:

(click image for album)

I had plans for a Jhebbal Sag entry, but it would have been more terraforming via mods than actual buildings, wasn’t sure that was going to work as an entry. That and it would’ve been a lot more work.

Currently working on that when I have time :smiley:


Daaaaaamn! This stuff is brilliant!

I liked too many things to list them all, but the stairs made out of stone slabs are freaking genius.

I’m trying to figure out how you did aloe plants growing out of compost heaps and lotus flowers near the harpist. Is that LBPR? Or some other trick?


Built a “temple” to Ymir. On ps4 and don’t have any other devices, so sadly could not submit entry. Can’t wait to see what everyone has created though!

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I just wish Console (I’m on Xbox QwQ) had mods too. I see soooo many different mods on PC and I’m blown away from it. All in all I had fun tho building this idea.

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I wanted to do Jhebbal Sag as well but figured Crom would be a more challenge in my creativity… I love your Mitra hahah the guy lounging is my fave so far. Who doesn’t like a good relaxing lounge

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From what I’ve seen, you’re my Top 1 by far. You got it all figured out. A small masterpiece, a jewel.

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LBPR & Deco FTW Flora. The former for clipping the compost into the ground, the latter has placeable aloe bushes.

The Lotus flowers are the vanilla decorative ones hidden behind a fence foundation just tall enough to obscure the planters :white_flower:

Thank you! But i’m only one of many entries! :smiley:


My entry for the contest:

(click on the image to see all 28 screenshots)

This is on PS4. Unfortunately this temple is not finished, mostly because one should have a lot of patience to build anything at all in PS4 version of the game in its currents state. Nevertheless I am proud of what I’ve done so far and submitted it anyway. My main goal was to build something unique rather than massive or highly detailed. That’s why I focused on the technique to demonstrate what could be achieved on PS4 even without mods. Even If I won’t win, I hope this entry will serve as a source of inspiration for fellow PS4 exiles.


Great build!

I love how you’ve elevated the walls along the stairs slightly, that’s something i’ve seen few people use.

The upper shrine w/lattice walls looks very nice as well. Good use of the deco hops (and hiding them under ceilings! :smiley: )

It does look a bit empty however, a few thralls placed around would’ve made it look a little more alive.


Nice work and I hope you will finish it. It is very promising.

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You have to be inventive when you can’t use mods. Agree about thralls or some deco… Will finish the temple as soon as Funcom will finish fixin’ the game :smiley:

No way that will take high place but i’ve had some fun making it.


And I guess that’s why I loved this so much. No offense to anyone who has posted so far, but for the moment, this is my favorite submission. :star_struck:

Excellent use of pillars and raised fence foundations, and it all manages to look grand, but still with an air of humility, as befits a temple of Mitra.


Exactly what I was trying to achieve. Thank you so much! <3


That right there. That.