Tenho duvidas e agradeço se alguém ajudar/I have doubts and thank you if anyone helps

Eu jogo no ps4, hoje o jogo atualizou, e meu servidor que escolhi para jogar esta como invalidado, perdi todo meu progresso?Tem como consertar? Agradeço se alguém ajudar, estou triste e frustado por gastar tanto tempo pra perder tudo…/I play on ps4, today the game updated, and my server that I chose to play this as invalidated, lost all my progress? Is there any way to fix it? I appreciate if anyone helps, I’m sad and frustrated that I spend so much time to lose everything.

Probably your server just haven’t updated yet. Both the game client and the server must have the exact game version, otherwise clients cannot connect to the server. If this is the case, as soon as the server updates to yesterday’s patch you’ll be able to log in again. :nerd_face:

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Thank you for the information.

On another note: welcome to the forums! Please notice this is an international forum, and as such its official language is English.

If you’re not comfortable with English or if you’re using a translator, that’s fine. However you would help yourself to get more views (and therefore more help) if you prioritize English over other languages in your posts.

Here are some tips:

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Yes, I’m using a translator, I do not speak English. Thank you for the tips.

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