Testlive Patch (15.06.2019) - The Warmaker's Sanctuary, Population Revamp, Temperature and more!

With the “A fix for the foundation stacking issue.” you mean the fence foundation issue that creates “illegal” buildings or is this an issue for the normal foundations.

As for the word “fence” was not mentioned in your sentence I assume you changed the normal foundations in some way? Is there a bug report that I could read to understand what you actually changed?

The fix included in this patch only affects fence foundations and one socket that shouldn’t be there. It is only one part of the fix that will hit live soon, but it’s the one that could affect legit bases the most. We wanted to include that one in Testlive so people can get a better grasp of how it could affect them.

IT does reset at server restart. I think they don’t have it reset otherwise because between restarts, it is considered a persistent world. Sucks i know when someone trolls a n arch or a boss, but it fits with the idea of living world.

You dont want a “fix”, because there is nothing to fix.
You want a nerf… the question is why? Get it yourself or let the people use it.

Also the Predatory Blade makes way more dmg. Should they also “fix” it?

Actually I believe the one sword with the higher damage is supposed to be a 2 handed. The damage for it matches the 2 handed sword of its likeness. In that case I for one want them to fix it so I can have a 2 handed black ice sword.

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Isso também. Sobre o farm. Mas, falo na questão de ajudar a farm mais. Sem gastar o tempo do próprio jogador. Poder empregar lacaios para o serviço de farm de pedras, minerais e madeira, por exemplo. Tem jogos antigos, que utilizam esse mecanismo para farm destes materiais.

I want that shiny legion armor so bad. Can finally go crusading in the north. Ymir vult :slight_smile:

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i actually picked up the PC version (run it on my laptop) just so i can see some of this in early test live phases. I will be checking it out tonight for sure on SP.

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They’ve added quite a bit of content in addition to the fixes. It’s a very good patch overall.


Love the new dungeon.
It is an awesome challenge. Especially getting your gear back when you die. May need to think about having players respawn at the last door passed rather than the start of the dungeon as the enemies will respawn before you can complete it.

I like the idea that you are going for here. It makes this stat useful other than for a mining build.
The issue I do have with it though is that if you don’t invest a fair amount of points in it, you will die pretty quick when someone cripples you.
Without any points invested, you move at the speed of overencumbered.
Basically, invest in survival at the cost of something else, or die as soon as you enter the mounds.

Overall I love the increased difficulty but not manufactured difficulty.

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What caves were effected? Jungle, north, noob river, frozen?

I can’t really give a definitive answer on that as I’ve only looked around in the desert area and haven’t even checked all of those. From what I’ve seen almost but not quite all of the caves that already had mobs now have a boss of some sort. Don’t want to spoil too much but one of them gives a new and, as far as I know, unique pet.


Pretty much all of them :slight_smile:

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Soooo many new weapons, tools, armors :heart_eyes: The dungeon looks great as well. More testing needed. :grin:

wtf are you up to?

I just wanted to have an actual Black Ice Greatsword…

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to say how happy I am since I can hire named relic hunter archer in buccaneer bay !!
Oh, and Fc? if a bandit leader can’t be tamed and relic hunter captain is on holiday, what about some new tier 4 relic hunter fighter? In the sepermeru spawn table and the fighter hiring table as well?
Have a nice day !

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There’s a snake above the lower staging area in the jungle, west of tailers berth or something, in the swamp at L-8, small cave, is that area effected or just the bigger ones with bats and spiders that stretch for miles?

Just wanna know if I need to pack my base up

Can you actually explain the temperature changes in a little more detail? I really aren’t understanding how they’re an improvement (but assume they are).

I’m someone whose been complaining about temperature effects for months - specifically in regards to armour types. I want there to be harsh environments and i aren’t wanting them removed as i think they add a very needed danger aspect to certain harsher areas - BUT the temperature values on armour is so whack that, you’re punished for wearing epic.

To explain - if i wear my epic armour of choice - khitan captain (+str / cold resist), i’m basically dying around the Den region and much of the desert. If i am in my jungle base with epic aquillonian infantry (+vit / heat resist) - i’m standing in the steamy hot jungle and my breath is visible because i’m so cold! I’m only wearing that armour because if i wear my khitan there i’ve got heatstroke.

I’m hoping the changes have brought this kind of scenario in line. I wear flawless non epic armour purely because it’s less punishing with temperature - and that i’m sure you’ll agree is pretty ridiculous. Flawless non epic has similar issues but isnt as punishing.

I am ecstatic about this update and am looking forward to it’s console release.
In the list of add-ons I read “flying thralls”, but can’t find anything else online about it. Has anyone seen this on testlive since this patch was released?

Thralls that were flying before the patch are still flying afterwards. I’ve no idea if it’ll prevent it from happening going forward.