Testlive Patch (15.06.2019) - The Warmaker's Sanctuary, Population Revamp, Temperature and more!

Aww I was hoping for like a flail (spike ball and chain)

Yes, tried it before, it’s very nice.

I was attacked around my base by a wanderer from the mounds, and got so this little potion, sure i needed to try it out on the next undead, and it worked great.

Totally! The variety of building peace’s good be ramped up! As well as placeables in general. Would love to have more different purposed houses

Just thought about it! That be cool. And Place them at chairs and so on

Sounds like you need to join a new server buddy

You sure can get thralls solo in the volcano, but I suggest you put some investment in survival. Use heavy heat gear. Get a nice shield (Mistmourne is the best for there) and a top line trunch and chain rope. You can clear the place if you pack enough healing pots and don’t let them gank you. Also, put in a small base with a map and/or wheel. You’ll have an army in no time full of T4s and T3s. Its far from impossible to do solo. Just more difficult. If you are low level, then yeah, this is end game zone really.


I think I may revamp my fighting style for daggers. We’ll see how that goes down. If its not a crash fest, then I’m excited!

So if I get hit by something like Coldsnap my only option is to tough it out?

Alcohol and spicy foods won’t help anymore?

give me 1-2 days after the patch and all items are in the wiki :wink:


I’ll get the stop watch! Take your bets peoples!


Patch is now out on the live branch of the game.
Testlive will be updated to bring the version up to par.

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Was this the update we just got on p4?


Here’s the link to the PS4 patch you got.

The PC version of what was on Testlive is here which has changes that weren’t on testlive


Ty m8

Yes, you can get them solo, but like said, you need place a wheel or 2 there.
Wanting drag the out is a hazardous if not impossible task.

There good place to place a small or middle wheel.

I agree good stuff for the volcano, especially if you want stay of longer time is needed. Mistmourne is a pretty good shield, but it’s legendary so you need some luck to get it.
Also thrall to be good and efficient they need good stuff. Give them still your best heavy armours you can afford for them, also a weapon dealing some pretty damage.

and done :slight_smile:

all new items and icons are added.

next step: add the source (npcs, …) to the new items


Strangely, as of Monday I have been completely unable to access the Testlive servers. When trying to change my BETA options, the only option available is “NONE - Opt out of all Beta programs”. Anyone else with this issue?

Maybe a temporary steam-issue, i didn’t have problems. But i didn’t switch build lately.
They’re still working on the steam-client.

They mysterious door in the desert !

did you check it out ? :rofl:

have fun !

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Both Testlive and live are running under the same build until we release our next Testlive patch. :slight_smile:

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