Testlive Update Age of Sorcery Chapter 2 - Discussion Megathread

Don’t understand why they changed magma wall so drastically, it was already fun spell to lock in people into pyramids and burn them alive. If they want something so different, just add new spell and call it spikes circle. Why change magma wall so much and not just leave it as it is and add a totally new spell?


Thralls tend to block the way. When you play with a clan, double doors are a blessing too. A way around it is using the wooden strut instead of doorways, at least inside, as it has a little more room, but it’s not an aesthetic choice for exits.

Thats my point, seems double door frame 2x2, but ACTUAL door space are the same as any door.
Double door gates are meant for 2x3 frame, which i find odd too, why they need 3rd lvl, 2x2 work perfectly.

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If such is the case, it’s strange indeed…

Tem sim todos estão no youtube dentro do vídeo tem o link direto para o completo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtC_1Ui7eXI-VpB7EMgZUhA

Português BR
BUG servidor oficial 1977 PVEC novamente OFF

Have different tier picks been adjusted? Or iron nodes?

It used to be that once I got past steel for tools I would almost never to never resource sandstone from a iron node. Now I am getting a significant amount of sandstone.

I was just curious. Thanks!

It’s a server from the testlive ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Witch Hunt Rewards and Vendors’ Products

Recommend the rewards and vendors’ productrs include items useful to a sorceror.

Such as:
Sacrificial Blood in flask
Soul Essence
Sorc Spell Page
Failed Sorc Spell Page
Draught of the Dead
Potion of Detect Resources
Potion of Invisibility
Draught of Slow Fall
Elixir off Darkness
Philter of Fire Wall
Potion of Lightning Storm

Other items that would be worthwhile to include:
Schematic Fragments
The Dredger (glowing goo torches etc) recipe (Especially helpful for players on Siptah)
Midnight Alchemist (again, helpful for players on Siptah as this knowledge is very hard to come by)
Baby Imp Pet as a familiar



Baby Imp Pet as a familiar

Me: *remembers how imps are created
Me: Oh no…


I would like to know on the map the exiles where to find eldarium there is a recipe but no eldarium

the moderators said it was a bug.

the [portal to yuggoth] event. should not give recipes belonging to the siptah map. so therefore it will be corrected in the December update

So no eldarium in exile map [on the officiel servers]

In the mythical realm of Ad’min Pan’nel.


no 2x2 double door? fck time to redsing some structures i left unfinisfhed to fir the new pieces


there is a spawn for the cats. right next to the pirate queen


but what about foxes and new dogs?

I dont know for now

From what I understand so far, i believe those are skins, not wandering tamables.

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New QOL - Vault Armories (weapons) under Weapons Knowledge BUT vault armors are still nested under Armor/Exiled Epics

Recommend FUNCOM do the same for vault armor recipes as was done for vault weapon recipes by having a new Subcatagory titled Vault Armories.

is this an idle animation only for players, or can thralls be set to it? (I don’t have a test live account myself, nor the storage space on my PC to install CE all over again lol)