Thall pot food consumption



if you pick up a thrall and put it in a box, and later take it out again, does it use any food while in the box?


hmm interesting does thrall eat thrall ? Yog confirmed ?


You can’t pick up placed thralls and put them in boxes


With a mod it might be possible to do pick up a placed thrall and put away … guess only testing with that mod on will answer this…


Shooting from the hip, but if a mod turns the thrall back into an item, I’d wager good money it no longer needs feeding. It’s the same reason our workstation thralls don’t need feeding: they’re technically still items (that look like people). But obviously everything is possible once modding is involved :slight_smile:


ah yes i play with “pickup+” as was new and didnt know if some buildings would need to be placed near certain resources to work. (its actually pretty useful) - ok thanks ill have to try with updates and mod but if the mod still works with new version, it (probably) will work as mikey mentioned


We are getting eyes on this issue (or issues in this case). As always, please keep in mind that mods can mess with the underlying core system.

I agree,
We are working on improving on this: Both the communication frequency on the forums as well as having a new system to share bug status.


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