Thank You for the Vanity Mode

This was a surprise. Finding the right button to bind was a bit of work, but I got there. I’m loving it. Thank you, devs, for bringing the vanity mode to consoles.

A lot of people are upset after this lasted update, and rightfully so. However, I always like to acknowledge the good with the bad.

Cheers! :+1:t2:


Are you on PlayStation, @everybodyvsME ? I’m on PS5 and have no clue on how to use it or what it does…

Yes mate, on PS5. In Settings > Controls > Miscellaneous.

Not by design, but it’s a cheap photo mode - I’ll take it. You can use and change emotes while in that mode for some nice screenshots.

It’s slightly confusing to set at first. You need to select the Vanity Camera tile then use whichever button you prefer.

After playing around a bit, I found holding up on the d-pad to work best.

Good luck, @MarcosC :+1:t2:


I tried, but still wasn’t able to make it work. :smile:

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Yeah, it’s a bit tricky. Sorry I can’t explain it a bit better. I’m sure you’ll figure it out though. :+1:t2:

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Hopefully this might be of some help to you, @MarcosC.

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Thanks @everybodyvsME !
I’ll try binding that same button. :blush:


Never heard of it, but definitely will try now! Thank you!


Finally I got it working. It’s nice. I wish we could zoom out and zoom in and move the camera freely. Well, I guess it’s better than nothing…
We should have a photo mode.

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