Thaumaturgy Bench and Mysterious Figurines bug on Siptah

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Graphics/Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-C
Map: Isle of Siptah

Can’t upgrade my Tome of Kurak because there’s no more the option in the banch, arcane staff craft is the only one still avaible.
I also lost a lot of Mysterious Figurines after moving them from a chest to my inventory. The same problem occurs when I try to pick them up because they do not appear in the inventory anymore.

Thank you

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If you unlocked the teleporter you reached the max upgrade on the bench

I know but I stopped at the summoning of undeads, than the bug occurred.

Did you remove your tome by accident?

I had the same issue. And this is what happened to me.

So me and a buddy are in the same clan. We got sorcery. Pit both our books in the same bench. He logged off. I upgraded the books in the bench but i didnt get any new spells from either of them.

The next day he logged on. Remade the bench which it reset the resorces to upgrade the book back to the default. He removed one of the books. Upgraded it. He got the new spells. Then i went and picked up the book from the bench and i got the new spells.

He went off to farm. I made a yellow lotus potion to respec. Once i respec the option to upgrade the book didappeared from the table. I can craft a staff but cant upgrade the book.

He upgraded 1 book and got the new spells and the torture bench. I got the book off him but didnt get the new spells.

I made a brand new bench but still the option to upgrade the book isnt there. Just the option to make a new staff. I ran back to interact with the bench where you first learned it. Got a new book and staff. Ran back to the bench. Still no book to upgrade. Made a new bench and still no book to upgrade.

Whats wrong?

Hello there everyone!

Thank you for your reports.

In regards to these situations would it be possible for you to please upload a screenshot or a video of what shows up in the bench when trying to upgrade your tome?

Thank you