The Acheronian War-Axe does more damage than the Tenderizer

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Yog

The Acheronian War-Axe does more damage than the Tenderizer even though stats say otherwise. So I asume that is a bug. Since the mace is so much slower than the axe the Tenderizer and the axe gives stun while the maces does not the Tenderizer is pretty much useless right now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Target: Cimmerian fighter lvl 3, heavy armour. Player epic light armour and round 30 Vitiality.
  2. Just heavy attacks
  3. War axe: Target down after 3 strikes. Player unharmed. The Tenderizer: Target down after 4 strikes. Player half dead.
  4. War axe does more damage than Tenderizer

Not sure how this is a bug.

-The Tenderizer 50 dmg 19% armor pen

-Archeronian War-Axe 51| 52| 53 dmg 0% armor pen

So by stats it should do more damage than Tenderizer. Not like they had same stats but the axe was doing more damage than it’s stated amount right?

Against a heavily armoured fighter the Tenderizer should do more damage due to its armour pen. Why otherwise use a mace?
I totally agree that against a unarmoured fighter the war axe should do more damage but not against heavy armour. Since I took down the same type of fighter in three hits with the war axe and four with the Tenderizer the war axe does roughly 30% more damage than the Tenderizer.
Since I only tried this twice there is room for deviation, like hitting different hit boxes. But still… both times - 3 hits vs 4 hits.
With the stats I sort of expected the opposite result.

19% of 50 is 9. So I know math is a Lil more complex calculating damage from weapon, their armor, and your armor pen, but for arguments sake let’s say that makes your weapon 59dmg vs 53. The other weapon has like 6 dmg more so if a thrall had 200 hp both would take about 4 hits to kill to reach that 200. So while it may do more damage on certain hp npc you wouldn’t notice the difference since it would need more hits to widen the damage gap.

19% isn’t as much as it sounds. So what it does is treats the armor as if it was 19% lower. Due to diminishing returns of armor, its taking it off the top and not actually reducing it by much. So 800 is treated like 650.

DR goes from 75% to 72%

If it took it off the bottom as bonus damage you’d see it be treated as around 55% DR. Which personally I think its how it should work.


The way you think armor penetration works in this game isn’t actually how it works.
This was tested by multiple people in the all over the net because the devs won’t give us the computation.

The acheronian war axe is awful though :smile:

Between fashion and efficiency I always chose fashion :blush:

Don’t get me started on how it works with bows and arrows. They’re separate weapons that hit at the same time per shot. That’s infuriating to deal with when making mods involving either.

IKR. I wish they just gave us the computation since a lot of stuff here has already been nerfed pretty bad we have no idea how much it takes to actually kill a boss.

I tried killing a Green Dragon, I only had one ancient dagger with improved armor penetration up to 26% or 27% (this was before the epic armor pen upgrade nerf), I broke it trying to get its health down just above 60%. No one told me you needed two or three. If only I knew how the bleed effect actually “stacks” up and how it is affected by armor then I would have prepared better.

It’s no big deal just dropping us the actual math involved. Like Valve with Dota 2, the computations were provided so that players can do calculations on the fly so they could assess if they had what it takes to actually do the things they’re supposed to.

To me, this game should still be in early access. Just because it’s playable doesn’t mean it’s done.

How does one get the acheronian axe?

the acheronian stuff is (for whatever reason) not under the normal weapons / buildings / etc tab, you gotta use the search function, just type ach and you will see this stuff.
it will need alchemical ingredients + hardened steel and I think it was some kind of formed wood