The Age of Calamitous - Pippi - Fashionist [X3]

Please have a brief look over some basic rules and guidelines we’ve written down, so everyone can equally have a good time on our server.

Limitations for building bases:
Each clan with 2 or more members can have up to 2 “main” bases. The amount of space is always limited and larger builds = more lag, so please don’t go overboard, and try to stay within your actual needs. On top of your main base/s you may have 1-2 small ones for taking thralls etc.
If you want to place a wheel of pain close to a thrall camp, please pick it up when you are done, or it may be removed if left there for a long period of time.

Please don’t build a large base near any of the main thrall camps including Buccaneers bay, the Black Galleon and New Asagarth.

Be mindful of other players, don’t build as close to them as possible without asking if they want neighbours. Try not to block access to any landmarks, points of interest, discoverable areas, lore stones, or bridges/passes that lead somewhere.

If a base is left unvisited for 7 days, it will be considered as an abandoned structure and will be removed.

Mods required to join the server:

  1. The Age of Calamitous
  2. Pippi - User & Server Management
  3. Fashionist

Or, you can download them in this order here:

PvE server with 25 slots, running quite well, hosted by in Europe. 3

Discord: 2

Loyalty Tokens, Backpacks, etc are available through Pippi kits.
Minions (Fighter / Archer Thralls) are doing x3 Damage while taking half of the damage from NPCs.

Durability increased
Stamina cost reduced
Resource Spawn time reduced
Purge settings - 24 / day at lvl 6 difficulty.

How many people are you averaging?

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