PvE Mod Server| West Coast USA | The age of Calamitous | Pippi


Server mod order:
Pippi-User & Server Management ID: 880454836 Info:

The Age of Calamitous ID: 1113901982 Info:

PvE dedicated hosted server based in Oregon USA. Our primary focus is on crafting, lore, dungeons, and exploration. This is a 20 slot mod server with only a couple of players currently. Active Admin that plays by the rules. No server wipes. Daily updates checked around 5:30am PST and 4:30pm PST. Server isn’t going anywhere so do not worry. Any substantial changes to server are by active player votes. If enough players join and are interested, we would like to set a time slot for friendly PvP in the PvP Arena. The PvP Arena would be player built structure to meet for a drunken fist fight brawl and to test out builds. Also, rewards for participation.

Server name: Descendants of Bori
Server direct connect:
Discord: https://discord.gg/r499ZH

Server rule changes:
Loot stays on body upon death
Body leaves game on logout
Player structure damage is off
Crafting table speed x8
All other regions turned off.

I believe that is everything. Mods seem to be working great and no major issues since the big patch for Conan Exiles. Again, any changes to server are slow and by player vote. We all know how annoying it is to join a private server and have all your hard work vanish because the owner changes server rules, shuts down the server, or wipes all structures and player progression. If server fills we will either password protect for current players or add more slots. Feel free to hop on the server if you are just curious or make this your home. If you plan on sticking around, please join us on discord so we don’t make any future server changes without your consent.

Cheers! :beers: