(BC) The Age of Calamitous Mod-Pippi Mod-ADMINS-2.5xXP-2.5xHarv-0.5Day-2.0Night


If you are looking for a server that has active staff, do check out the below. We have been gaming together for 15 years and know the hassle of finding a server/game for us to enjoy together. You won’t have to look any further.

Server Name:
(BC) The Age of Calamitous Mod-Pippi Mod-ADMINS-2.5xXP-2.5xHarv-0.5Day-2.0Night

Pippi - User & Server Management

The Age of Calamitous

PVP is on, but player made structures are indestructible until posted times.

Base Raiding:
Weekdays = 1800- 2300
Weekends = 1800-0300

XP to 2.5x
harvest 2.5x
daytime speed 0.5
Night time speed 2.0
Item Spoil Rate Scale 0.5
Resource Respawn=2.5
Player Active Thirst =0.5
Player Active Hunger =0.5

Server Rules:
Don’t block resources or NPCs.
Respect all players and staff
No racism
Don’t be an asshat

Direct connect:

Currently, we have 19 active players.

thebadco dot com


Thank you, hope to see you there.

Currently, 5 people chilling out on the server. Come stop by.

Server updated and adjusted, check it out.

Make sure you select show modded servers and check the PVP browser.

7 players online at the moment, need a place to call home?

Even on a monday we have a few players on an adventure.

Crafting speed and fuel burn time adjust.