The audio only cuts out in multiplayer. Single player works fine

I’m using a sony bluetooth headset, and I run discord while I play the game. I don’t do any voice chat.

In single player I have no problem whatsoever getting sound in game. It just works. In multiplayer, nothing seems to work. Quitting to the main menu brings the sound back, but the moment I try entering a multiplayer game the sound is gone again.

I have no idea what is causing this problem. I’ve tried to fix it, and nothing seems to work. Except single player. For some weird reason, single player has no audio issues whatsoever.

Hey @Arthur_Grayborn

Does this issue happen if you use any other speaker?

Im Having an issue where in loading screen and in main menu I have audio but as soon as I load an online or single player game, sound complete bugs out. I connected a pair of Galaxy Buds. Any help? My Regular wired speakers worked fine but they recently broke :frowning:

This seems unreasonably primitive after Bluetooth has been in use for so long, but across PC’s and games, if a Bluetooth headset has a microphone in it, the headset will switch into being a “communications device” and either fail to support audio, or only do so in a very low-quality mode. I have never found an explanation that was satisfactory for why PC’s can’t handle the same hardware and technology as is used in plenty of other places.

The dirty fix is to open up your PC’s sound control panel and disable the recording device associated with the headphones.

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