The Barrens, new server looking for mature players

The Barrens is a relaxed lite rp-pvp server for mature players intended for solo players and clans of no more than 3

Server info:

Dedicated 20 slot server will add more when needed
+3 exp and harvesting, other settings have been tweaked to enhance gameplay, long days short nights
Building damage only on weekends
No gods

This is a relaxed server with a mature admin. Rp is optional. No griefing players. When raiding on weekends try to Minimize damage to other players bases, just destroy enough to get in and get the loot be respectful of other peoples time invested we’re here to have fun after all :smiley:
Server has been paid for 3 months.

There are quite a few mods at the moment as I’m testing them with server performance. Some mods may be removed or added to give everyone the most enjoyable gameplay experience possible

Link to current mods (place is same order)