The Battle Pass

Remember how they said the Battle Pass challenges were going to be setup to scale to your character?

Anyone calling them out yet on what an absolute lie this is?

I started a brand new character.

Harvest 10 Black Ice
Pick up Feathers from a Vulture Nest
Visit the Shrine of the Oracle
Harvest Iron
Pray to the Grave on Telith’s Island

How are these suitable for a brand new character?


Hrm, I’m confused, assuming (as a new character) you get past the Tigers, and the Wolves to get to the Bears, in order to actually get to the grave on Telith’s Island, …how do you actually pray?

Use the emote? or is there something new they have introduced? :thinking:


Seems wildly out of bounds. And I think you need the pray emote as well.

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huh, that does…seem a bit much for a brand new player.

Thanks for the reply.

You can pick up the pray emote from several places around the map. I usually hit the summoning place, and you can just run up north. Technically this one isn’t level locked at all, just an actual challenge given it’s the highest xp yield of the list

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I don’t want to start a new topic, but what is Ancestral Knowledge? It’s kind of confusing.

It has a bunch of green ones, and I haven’t unlocked any of these.

And when I do unlock them, nothing happens on this tab.

So what is it, exactly? Like a place for learned recipes from the wild to be listed?

Ancestral knowledge is the battlepass and shop rewards. The placeholder feats that look like other feats are just to categorize them once you unlock stuff


Ah, thank you. That is what I was thinking after I unlocked the Apprentice mason and nothing happened on it.

Yeah it seems pretty unbalanced in terms of points as well.

Legendary: Pray at a grave that isn’t in that hard an area to reach: 1500 xp.
Rare: Visit the Shrine inside the Volcano, 700 xp.

You can also reroll the things you need to do.

Yeah, but is that like per day? Or 3 rolls per the entire season to level 60.

Still, they specifically said “it’s supposed to give you stuff within your character level range”.

And going to the Volcano at level 1, or harvesting Black Ice, is pretty impossible in this 18H group of challenges.

Unless something is broken in their algorithm for setting this all up.

Iron and Vulture Feathers was pretty legit. The Pray on the Island seems like upper level.
But the Black Ice and Volcano one are way out of bounds.

hm the challenges needed to perform really sounds dumb for new characters.
But another question come up to my mind, which I could not find an answer to yet. How long does the Battle Pass purchase last? Is it like in other games bound to a specific season or something, or a one time purchase like the cosmetic DLCs? Do we have any info about that?

You pay $10 to get the Battle Pass.
You have like 13 weeks or so, iirc, to clear it.
You clear up to like 55 or so, you’ve earned 1200 Crom Coins.
You use those to buy the next Battle Pass.

So it has an expiration date and only really makes sense to get, when you spend a hardcore amount of time in-game? I play this game in bursts, even though I have 1.500+ hours on my clock.

You get modifiers, once a day, I -think-.

Like today, they all had an x10 modifier.

Pray at Tanith? 1500 XP
the 70xp got 700xp
Overall I cleared Rank 3 on rewards. And I’m at 500 xp towards Rank 4.
The modifiers build up so you don’t have to play it daily for the challenges.
You should be able to come in every few days to once a week.

Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad then. But I guess, it makes sense to first build up some levels first, before activating. I just started a fresh character on a new server and it would piss me off, If i get challenges, I cannot clear yet. Thx tho!

Yeah, really. They need to fix that. If it’s 3 rolls per day, then it’s not so bad, because you can clear the ones you can before rolling.

If it’s 3 rolls per longer period, then it’s going to be annoying.

You all know you can just go singleplayer and use the admin panel to do them in a minute or two right?

I’m all for playing fair but garbage systems like these don’t merit it.

Don’t be surprised if Funcom torches the ability to do it in Single Player because of that.

Since it’s really only worth $10 to them per player, given you can daisy chain your Crom coins from one pass to the next, so you never have to pay more than $10.

And the Bazaar is gonna crash, more than likely.


But then I wonder, how this will work on private servers, since they are online servers, but with admin feature. So will the Battle Pass only work on Official Servers? Sounds problematic to me…