The Black Coast. RP/PVP/Conquest PC. Isle of Siptah

Hey you! Yes you. Are you looking for something fresh? Are you getting tired of the same old Exiled Lands? Well, we got good news for you. A new server for Isle of Siptah has just washed ashore. A PC server with roleplay, x2 harvest rate, weekend raiding from 5pm to 9pm PST, and a conquest mode.

We understand that finding a decent Siptah server is not easy, trust us we have been there. As a result, we decided to open up a server that is roleplay friendly, no cheating, no favoritism, just a bunch of Conan fans enjoying the game. Of course, it is not all about being friendly neighbors, we thrive for bloodshed and good sportsmanship If you are interested, join our discord to read about our rules and learn more about the server. Join us on The Black Coast to conquer this island.

Soft release of the Black Coast begins March 29th PST.
Release of the conquest mode will begin on April 12th PST.

Discord Link:

This Monday 3/29, the server will be open to the public. Conquest won’t start for another 2 weeks after, that way people can get situated. Hop on and pick your favorite spot and defend it fiercely before conquest arrives! Jump on our discord for more details.

The Black Coast is now live!

You have until 12th of April to build up your clan for conquest!

Join us and prepare yourselves for war!

Streaming The Black Coast! Week one is almost over :smile:
We survived our first purge!

We finally reached our first week as a server! During this time we reviewed the server rules and played with the server settings. We believe we reached a happy medium between difficulty and quality of life.

Since we’re one week into the server, we will now begin clan registrations. Please register your clan via clan-registration on our discord.

For example: Hello my name is Oakton. I am the leader of the “The Sentinels” clan. We are a clan size of 3.

(Any extra information is up to you. But this is the basics.)

In order for the Conquest Mode to be activated, we will require the server to have 4 active clans registered under the clan-registration tab on our discord. Once 4 active clans have been registered, the Conquest Mode will begin starting the following Monday.

Voting on the mod, “Emberlight”, has passed and now is installed onto the server.

You can download this mod from the steam workshop or you can connect to “The Black Coast” server and get it installed automatically.

If you cannot find the server on the server list, please use “direct connect” to solve this issue.