XiloGaming Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah - RP-PVP - Discord - No Mods - 2x EXP, 5x Crafting, 2x harvesting - Mega server: conan.xilogaming.com:7777

Come join our brand new dedicated mega server. This is not some half-performing rented/hosted server. Server specs: 1Gbps internet pipe, 40Gbps network connection, 16 CPU, 16GB RAM(Can scale to 64GB+ if needed), 60 tick rate, 60 player max.

Rules are simple, no cheating, be respectful, have fun. RP is encouraged, and welcome, but not mandatory. No silly restrictions on PVP. Building damage is on, but limited to evening hours.

Join us at conan. xilogaming. com:7777

Join us in discord: discord. gg/8ghDUE7