The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


Is there a team list for the tournament out I only seen 1 decent team posted lol wondering if I should even bother


I’ve been updating the second post with all the registered teams.

Many teams are prioritizing playing with friends in a premade environment over having the best compositions.


Hi, when will we know the details? which team will we facing and so on?? Cant wait for it to start…


Hey! I’m helping some free agents and teams gets together in the next couple of days. The targeted start date will be March 10th (one week from this upcoming Sunday). I will post in this thread every Sunday with the week’s matchups, giving everyone ample time to coordinate between teams. Weekends will probably be the most convenient time for most teams.


Signing up as a free agent.

PVP 10 Conq - Dren


So many team players out there. I’ve seen you all in world pvp and minis. You all have the right idea. Group domination. Sign up. That’s all this tournament about, group pvp. Let’s make it happen. Be BBB.


If it is not too late i would like to sign up as a free agent.

Alaric - barb pvp 10
Xenrot - conq pvp 10


I would like to sign up as a free agent, if its still possible. Thx.

Kreol / Trulyalya - Demo


Slow and rusty pvp lvl 10 Pom, Terrorbikkja available if any team needs healer


free agent: “Wannaheal” (R10 POM) (pref. to play with Kreol, Shainah, Xenroth)


You’ve got half a team right there!


Hi all. Can’t we arrange a team with free agents?
I have been off for few years and returned recently , so I don’t know most of the names here, but someone isn’t new to me. Shainah for example, I remember good Guard. And Therror obviously, my friend :blush:

I offer to be the target caller on vent / ts or whatever.
And I’d prefer mostly to play with my sin Andromaeda with demo Calore and BS Korando as second options.

Preferred team composition (other than my sin): 2 tanks, 1 Demo o Necro, 1 Today and 1 BS or PoM.

Pls PM me


That heheyo list of 4 ppl looks good. Try to organize with those ppl and u already got 5 very strong players.


Im down m8!


Im in with my necro


Some names above in the free agents list are already in teams. Stygga needs to update it.


Looks like the Ivory Tower team is happening after all, so expect an update from lurvi or me very soon.

I may have to ditch the other team I got invited to in that case (sorry!).


I have a question about the rules for free agents.

Could we use any of the free agents at any time in case one or more players of the fixed teams cant join for any reason? Or do we have to announce them specifically as a back up in the team list


What’s your Necro name m8?