The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


Yeah, any free agent can sub in for games if the predetermined 8 are unavailable!

Will update thread when I get home tonight. That way I can keep everything in sync :slight_smile:


Things are really starting to go down now!!!


Ignore all the negativity. They’re mad that they can’t be big ballers.
Honesty lets put it down. We’re getting some real real minis out of this. Win/Lose, we all come out on top and continue it in the field (Kesh Oasis the best).

Doesn’t matter who wins or loses. Honestly I know that BIG BALLER BRAND is looking forward to the world pvp that this tournament will bring outside of the mini games.

Even after that… you know BBB running custom pub premades, all day everyday. How can you stop the BBB teamwork. We coming for that tournament $$$.


Ok so signing up on behalf of Ivory Tower team:

Shainah (guard)
Lurvi (BS)
Abary (Demo)
Tyyr (barb)
Hiend (conq)
Super: Opasniy (demo)
Zeus (pom)
Ramble (Tos)

Not sure about some character names and some of them will be transferring from Crom so will update the list asap.


Super(demo/necro?) - Opasniy(demo)*


No problem mate :slight_smile:


Bible, Priest of Mitra - United Sexy Boys ( Captain )

Skoped, Ranger - Kill or be Killed

Barillo, Herald of Xotli - Kill or be killed

Alaric, Conqueror - Kill or be Killed

Renzi, Demonoligist - United Sexy Boys

Shanzul, Tempest of Set - United Sexy Boys

Natii, Necromancer - Barbaric Warriors - Sub

Unsain, Bear Shaman - Night Watch - Sub


What is the deadline for group application?

I have 5 players at the moment, and still looking for tank, healers and eventually ranger and barb and other DPS as backup. If anyone is interested please PM Me.




within a best of 3, is it allowed to switch setups?

say you play the 1st map, and it didn’t feel good vs. what the opponents had in their team…
could you then use one of the two “subs” to change it up for map 2?


Don’t hesitate, count me in please.


All I can say to that is it’s often more fun to work through a problem with the same resources than to try to take the easy way out by switching the resources you’re using. Although I do understand the counterargument that it’s not fun to have to use a screwdriver as a hammer.

I can’t validate or verify if someone had an emergency and had to go. So yes, there is potential for teams to continuously switch people in and out. But I can say that it’s bad etiquette to queue with your team, then immediately after have people switch onto their “subs” and hard counter the opposing team, rather than struggle a little and solve the puzzle that is the enemy team.

In summary: While I may not personally like such a strategy, yes, it is valid and legal.


Will you have match streamings and videos?


Nickodin - Conq / Braggy - barb


Ahhh the ole pop the mini see the team, oh no we had a dc so let’s swap in a hard counter switcheroo


I think a good way to counter this would be to set teams ahead of match time and dicsuss team makeup iwith the opposing team so there wont be any surprises and this will help negate the desire to swap out players mid game.


I of course will be placing and taking all wagers!


I would like to sign up as free agent with following characters:

1.) Bendowill - Ranger -
2.) Liangxiao - Bearshaman -
3.) Gjalskia - Dark Templar -


Suggestion: extend backup list to 3 or 4 players, instead of 2.
In the long term, some players could start not being available every week, and with class limits this could really be an issue.
Eventually, alts could be added to backup slots (instead of different players).


The whole point of this was to make a team then go up against other teams with and stay with me here THE TEAM YOU INITIALY REGISTERED. if you add nine billion subs all you’re doing is stacking the odds so that you can counter any said comp to cheese out a win. I called it at the beginning that our brethren from across the pond were gonna try and find a loophole to abuse for victory instead of enjoy the spirit of compition


We are not all from across the pond there are still some of us playing this game from down under Lol, and there are gonna be times when trying to commit to matches during the day will be difficult. I really want to be apart of this tournament but don’t want to let my team down. Maybe see how the first season plays out but honestly in my opinion the teams need to be larger. It’s got nothing to do with countering another team’s set up it’s more along the lines that some of us are in different timezones and have busy lifestyles.