The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


Ять-tos + to group. Trulyalya’s teammate.


There are other options beside adding more subs. 6 member teams and 2 subs is sufficient.

Also leaves room for more people to make teams. People need to remember that this is seasonal with an actual season followed by the playoffs. More teams equal more games equal separate leagues equal more balanced matchmaking equal wholesome pvp.

The rules have been drafted to involve and benefit the community as a whole, not shard mongers. Stop being greedy and see the bigger picture here.

My only suggestion is for the next season to limit the amount of guild members on the same team forcing more of a drafting environment with a set number of required free agents to be assigned to each team.


I’ve actually been considering this. Next season I’ll see what we should do. Originally I wasn’t sure how many teams were registering, so I wanted to keep teams small to encourage more matches/week. If we have a good turnout then maybe we can extend team size as well as flexibility.

My main concern with larger team sizes are the previously mentioned “hard countering”. I think having more people on a team would allow for a huge advantage to teams with a large numbers of high-skilled players. I feel like it opens the doors to essentially changing team compositions and players every week in order to hard counter other teams, rather than learning and growing as a team.

I’m having trouble verbalizing and communicating this, but I don’t know if it’d be good for the health of the tournament. Rather than most teams going for a “balanced” build, I think many teams would gravitate towards amassing whatever the opposing team lacks the capability to deal with. It would add a layer of strategy and drafting, sure, but I don’t know if it’d be overall beneficial.


I understand that sentiment. Do you think 10 is more reasonable?

This season I think we should keep it 8, but after this season we can make another decision.


like how you’re calling the guys of for being shardmongers, and call me out for being an abuser cause I ask an important rule-clarification about changing setups…?

anyways. it’s gonna be interesting and a learning experience. 2 subs should be sufficient, I agree, and it makes some leeway for speculation on setups and “counter-setups”, which isn’t entirely just dumb or “abusive” (it has an element of strategy and game-knowledge), without making it bonkers in terms of speculation if we had team size of 10.


This season I’ll only have access to screenshots, unless I could get support from FC to let me spectate minigames by porting into them. Maybe for the finals. However, currently the plan is to post screenshots. I’ll probably be talking with the team captains to get summaries of the matches (what each team’s plan was, how they executed, what they think they could’ve done better), but that is entirely optional and not mandatory.

It should also be cool to see how different compositions fare against each other.


Ill be streaming live all matches i participate in at


I didn’t ask 2 more subs for better group setup. 8 slots are quite already good for that, for most group combinations, if each time you have the full choice.

I asked because in the long term, as learned from the experience of the tournament we organized on Crom 5 years ago or so, some player will start to show less frequently, or will be hard to get the “main” group in a specific timezone.

In any case we have “free agents” to help to deal with someone missing, and what matters is just having fun…

Last, I also got 10 names and I would have liked to keep all of them in, cause are all good players and nice people.

But it’s fine, let’s try with 8.

I will sign an additional group tomorrow.


yeah, but the main point is that if every team had 10 slots there would potentially be less people for people to make teams with. Because of this rule, you managed to get people for your pug team.

If those 2 extra really want to, they could make another team! “organizing” was always the crucial factor to keep aoc pvp in a better state, and these guys are trying to promote it!

but I am a believer there are people that won’t appear unless they get to play with their “set of people”, so the rule might be counterproductive if we see teams struggle to show up over time. But the free agent system can be used in such a case!

It’s not fair to let that many benchwarmers get shards anyways.


U don’t have to change the rule. U can give an exemption in this case cause its a band of mercaneries thats not going to win this tournament. The most important thing imo is to get as many people as possible involved in the tournament


There will never be a solution that will please everyone. These rules are fine as they are.

Also, you are only eligible for the shards if your team shows up for 85% of the games. Which is a good incentive to keep playing so you won’t be disqualified


all of this discussion about subs brings up another question. If a team has 10 people in it does everyone get to reap the rewards of victory for that team including any benchwarmers who don’t even get to play?

In this regard I also think there should be a limit of players on any given team including substitutes. If you come up short a player and you can’t sub one from your registered list to replace him/her then you should have to go as is (5v6 or whatever) or forfeit the match in my view and ultimately accept the results of said match.

Let’s be straight about one thing, this isn’t a “fun scrim” it’s a competitive tournament and the stakes are high. Don’t expect to be shown any mercy.


You all post right things on paper guys, but I invite you to check the old forum, sticked thread about Crom PvP Tournament.
It was fun to make it and worked pretty good at start, but in the long term, after the initial full commitment and fun, many groups will start loosing players and not showing up.
Groups will get a lot replacements before tournament end. Be ready for this…
Just focus having fun, and don’t be excessively strict.
If one group has just 5 people one day, better get in one friend from free agent list and play 6 vs 6.
And about shards: it’s a nice reward and incentive, but I hope the main incentive for everyone is having fun, not it.
If one that has played 30 perc of games get it, I honestly do not care


Is it already covered in the rules what rewards free agents get? What happens if the help out multiple teams?


it’s pretty covered free agents are not part of any team, and will not be getting any rewards no matter how many times they turned up. which makes sense to incentivize making more teams!

which makes another question, can you change your “team” in retrospect to let, say a free agent that has been present in a lot matches get the reward over someone else in your team?


Oh this group of mercenaries has every chance of winning the tournament :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Signing Group:

Andromaeda, Assassin
Doahardreset, HoX
Trulyalya, Demo
Nickodin, Conq
Sxxukkdeluxx, Guard
Liangxiao, BS
Wannaheal, PoM

I will pm a Group name asap.



Leopardi HoX Outrated Necro can join any team for fun!


very stacked team. gj korando!


Because we have an odd number of teams currently, one team will have a by for this week. I’m going to give it to The Ivory Tower team as I am still waiting for names after their transfers. Please DM me if this is an issue or you all would rather see a different solution.

Every week (unless another team registers late!) one team will have a by. We will rotate it such that it will not effect team standings.

I will also keep updating the thread to keep all matchups current. It will be under the section labeled “Matchups”.

Team Korando vs. Blacklist
United SEXY Boys vs. Night Watch
V1 vs. Big Baller Brand
V2 vs. Baby Back Ballers

Remember, first game is on Hallowed Vaults. Loser picks the next map!
Captains, please coordinate with each other and attempt to work out a time slot.

The minigames are due to be played by 3/18/2019, 5:00 PM PST (which is 3/19/2019, 1:00 AM UTC)
If there are any problems with scheduling, please contact me, and we’ll try to figure something out that works for both teams. Remember guys, try your best to be flexible.

Upon completion of each match, TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF THE MINIGAME VICTORY/LOSS SCREEN AND PLEASE DM IT TO ME. I will then update team standings and records!

I’m happy to answer any and all questions you all may have :slight_smile: