The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


Please rename our group “VoteKick”. Thx!


ofc. I just said it because I was part of that team when i wrote it. There is nothing better than surprising someone who thinks they have the upper hand with some good team tactics and team play. I have played all the tournaments on crom and outcome is not on how the team is on paper but how they perform togheter. A lot of players like to have good k/d ratio are not always what u want in your group.


So crit pots etc are not allowed ?


I wish there was some sort of gear/rune balancing system used for the tournament. But people are going to try to get every advantage they can get. Maybe next season we can do something like no exile rune, t6 gear or OP store bought potions.


That was initially the plan but some people wouldnt bother to compete. Gear is a heavy crutch for some. Also that was going to be impossible to enforce without further GM or dev help


Nickodin renamed to Bragy after transfer to Fury


NICE EVENT🙂 Many great players signed up🙂


if things go down the gutter in terms of the useage, hopefully the admin will hard-ban atleast exile rune and t6 sin + t5 hox.

it can be done on a round to round basis I’d guess, wouldn’t have to be next season…


+1 to Lurvi suggestion.
And please also ban Raid Finder and Chaos rings. Allow only PvP gear and accessories.
And only purified pots.

If possible…


I don’t consider defensive items the main issue, longer fights are only better in this game where heals are “weak” enough as they are. (not saying they are bad, but i.e. 1.5k bigheal on +11k healthpool targets, barely makes a difference)

(goldpots do cross the line however)

at this point the RF rings do the game a favor in that regard, and most people have them, but if the admin wanted full balance Im all for banning them, but policing that matter is way harder than checking for certain buffs (and screenshotted to penalize in hindsight)

more dmg is the problem, like t5 hox that you can’t interrupt if he has anti-cc ready - it just destroys teamfights. exile burst on pretty much any class, like a pom playing passive until exile is off cooldown (this happens naturally in premades, with regrouping, then go in, proc crit with cleansing fire, then do repulse/searing light combo. or a class with a long combo, like barbs upheaval or guards counterweight, all of a sudden you do +7-8k fatalities with ease.


I agree on all your comments mate. Actually I would prefer everyone to have RF rings, but since many people don’t have them, they create an HUGE imbalance.

I’m in to prohibit Exile Rune, RF rings, Gold pots, T5-T6 gear and runes, store pots.
I would like “plain” fights in PvP gear (arena neck and runes eventually ok) and purified pots.

But Funcom will not develop anything to prohibit this stuff, so no rule = everyone will use everything they got = imbalance.
And we will have to live with this.


it’s not funcom that decides this, it’s us… admin already took his stance on this, so let’s see how it turns out. all I can say is, encourage all teams and your teammates to zone into minigames without the buffs, and maybe the fights will be as clean as they can be!

down the line if it’s turns out bad, I know for a fact I won’t bother with this if I see t5 hoxes destroy teamfights. it’s just ridiculous.
I don’t see why we can’t police it by screenshots and hindsight penalty - but like I said, we’ll see if it’s needed or not…


I start disagreeing with you.
It’s not just T5 HoX the problem, it’s all the stuff I listed:

T5 - T6 runes and Gear
Raid Finder and Chaos Rings
Exile Rune
Gold Pots
Store Pots

Either ban everything or nothing. Allowing a part of that stuff creates imabalance.

Even if I agree that longer fights are better, 140 crit rating and 150 const on a single ring make huge difference between having and not having it (plus the other stuff of RF rings).

Yes it depends on us, but I do not trust people: someone may switch gear during fights and no one will check.
It’s easy to get a screenshot with buffs, but not to check gear.

So again: or Funcom does something, and Big +1 for this, or nothing.

Tournament admins already said that there is no way for Funcom to develop something.

I suggest this self-managed rule:

None of all the things listed above.
Gear visible.

If someone posts a screenshot with someone using ANY of that stuff, or gear in hide, team gets a yellow card.
2 yellow cards = Match Lost

This way, we are pretty sure people will stick to rules.

Or we alla agree with this, or everything must be allowed, which I really do not like, but I see no alternative.


Considering the tourney started already the rules seem pretty clear. No exile rune, no gold pots, no store pots. Everything else is fair game.


1st of all, no need to disagree yet. I only set that t5 hox as an example. if I see people use big critpot it’s not as gamebreaking as t5 hox, so will I keep on playing? probably, after all, I can use a 5% critpot myself and even it out. if I see rampant use of t5 hoxes, I don’t see a need to play against it - it just too overwhelming.

so IMO you can choose what you want to ban and not. maybe you disagree on this, but Im for your suggestion, however I don’t think it’s realistic to set into motion.

like we just said, RF/chaos rings are a potential positive (and easily attainable) and even harder to police than the t5 hox + exiles, so you need to find a realistic middle ground here, which would be the visible buffs + check combatlog for goldpot use.


I post again my suggestion, for Tournament admins.

To prohibit:
T5 and T6 Runes and Gear
Raid Finder and Slithering Chaos Rings
Store and other buffs pots (Crit, Magic Damage, Combat Rating, Hit Rating, Constitution)
Exile Rune
Gold Pots

Gear visible.

If someone posts a screenshot (with timestamp) with another group member using that stuff, the team gets a yellow card.
2 yellow cards = Match lost.

Simple rule to make everyone stick to rules.

Waiting for feedback.


Where is this rule written?
It’s “discouraged”.
We need more strict rule, and add to the list Raid Finder Rings and T5-T6 gear and runes.

Plain fights with PvP only gear = balance and more fun for everyone


isn’t not simple to check the enemy gear while you’re fighting :stuck_out_tongue:
buffs on the other hand is super easy to spot.

also if you want to ban everything you need to ban:

khitai blessing buffs
10/13% main stat potion
morphs with speedboost sideways
potent lodestones

some of these are worse than critpot or t6 gear for instance.


And I agree with this too.
I didn’t want to list everything, but I thought to that aswell

Same rule: 2 screenshots with some of that stuff = match lost.

But until admins do not say something, everything is allowed

The best thing I experienced since I moved to Fury 2 weeks ago, was fighting again people without Raid Finder rings.

Fury is a paradise with people without those rings. Finally play “old style”, without Barbs and BSs with tank armor and constitution :wink:

Now you really wanna play with one team from Crom fully stuffed, and one team without that stuff with ring with 60 const and 50 Crit rating?
Where is the fun?

Come on :grin:

Actually if you do not ban those too I do not see how we can balance things.
You prohibit Crit pots but allow some chars to have 140 Crit and 150 Const on 1 ring? Or 800 Armor per ring?
You know I’m right mate… ban pots but those rings too, and let’s play all old style fun.

I disagree with banning half that stuff, it’s just imbalance.


Might be easier to just allow all.

Let me just say, if i see a hox with rune i will buff up for exile rune myself. The rules with etiquette is not policable so i bet ppl will use it at some point. I for one are not going to gimp myself if the other team is not.