The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


was under the impression most people had the rings, even on fury. if it’s that big of a difference to who has them and not, I’ll say my bad and that you’re right, still it’s very hard to police, and those rings are not as bad of an imbalance like t5 hox or exile rune - like natti suggests, to allow everything… t5 hox honestally is unacceptable IMO, it’s the bare neccessity of a ban, else GJ for having doahardreset in your team, you hit the jackpot my friend.

just my opinion. enforce something that is applicable and needed, and if I had to choose the two worst imbalances, it would have to be exile + t5 hox.

make it easy rules, since the admin is very reluctant to apply it, since he’s afraid he won’t be able to police it. (but screenshot should do the job, no?)


Allowing things like t5 runes, goldpots etc etc is just making the whole thing pointless. There will be less prestige if you know that conviniencys like those have impact on match/tournament wins.

I agree with Korando that a rule should be in place, but I dont see why you would have 2 yellow cards, everyone who enters the competition should prepare their characters to match the rulebook. It would suck if in the finals for example, that you know you have 1 oppertunity to cheat before you get consequenses for it


There will be some Saga toons in the tournament, those will definitely not have any of the rings. And doing RF or Chaos on Fury was a bit complicated (for example, you had to log in one specific day of the week at very specific hours if you wanted to do RF at all). Of course some groups of friends and guilds managed Chaos, but no pugs of any sort. Most of those toons you see on Fury with fully decked out rings acquired them on Crom and transferred (same with t5/t6/ gear ofc).

But yeah, it will be hard to enforce a lot of the gear related rules since a lot of people just hide it and you can change it during the match with like no chance of anyone ever noticing (when talking about accessories especially). Banning visible buffs like exiles rune, t5 hox rune, store pots etc. is at least fairly manageable.


I just took the etiquette list as the rules.

Also you said only PvP gear. That instantly puts anybody who isn’t pvp10 at a disadvantage. I understand the need for more rigorous rules, but it’s a bit late for that considering it already started.


Most of the toons signed are PvP 10, and in any case PvP 2 to PvP 3 Gap is negligible.

Raid Finder rings instead are absurd, and make huge difference.

As Moriala wrote, before entering games everyone should prepare: remove RF rings, set gear visible, remove pots and Exile and T5 and T6 Runes and gear.

What I suggested was a method to check and condemn the use of prohibited stuff, but if everyone sticks to the etiquette we are fine.

Honestly, if someone using a ring with 140 Crit rating, and I have a ring with 50 Crit Rating, I do not see why I should not use a Green Crit pot. Or a blue Crit pot if someone has 2 raidfinder rings.

The same for Constitution: if someone has a ring with 150 Const, I do not see why I should not use a Const pot, if my toon doesn’t have it.

Before playing games, I would like to know if this stuff is prohibited or not.

Until some strict rule as the one I suggested is posted by administrators, everything is allowed to me


imo all this is way too hard to police. Just allow all. rf rings cant be policed in fight. In a premade we cant be checkin ppls gear at all times. come on.


therefore, only ban what really has to be banned:

t5 hox


Yes, either everything or nothing. But not half the stuff please, that’s not fair


Morphs yes, but about things that buff stats, either ban everything, including Raid Finder rings, or nothing.

Again: half the stuff is not fair


i agree with Lurvi. Either that or allow all


I agree with Natti and Lurvi. It’s impossible to police this, well u can check each others gear in the 60 secs cooldown before mini starts, but no way u will have time to check that during fight.

Personally i don’t care if someone has RF rings, runes, whatever. I just want to have some fun with friends.

And btw i am participating in the tournament with my Saga toon, that has only PVP T3 items.


how is it unfair to ban only exiles?
how is it unfair to ban only t5 hox?
how is it unfair to ban only morphs?

yes, I know it’s not perfect to let people run with sogoth and RF/Chaos, but that’s rather that and ban what I suggested here than ban nothing?

RF rings does not alter the game to the same extent as those 3 mentioned, do you realise that? there is a difference + they can be monitored.

instead you’re willing to let exile + t5 hox + morphs into the mix…?

Im all for what you suggested, but the admin in not!!! make it applicable for the admin, and these 3 things I mentioned are the bare neccessities of bans.


Imo ban everything or nothing.
Again: ban Crit pots and allow Rings with 140 Crit rating is pointless.
It’s mathematic, not opinion.

Well morphs are kinda obvious though


From what I’ve seen what he tried to discourage from using where the things you can literally only pay for. So he didn’t actually say don’t use crit pots in general, just not the ones from the shop. Same for exile rune.


We need to be reasonable, no reason to go from one extreme to the other.

The ones policing this tournament are the players, not Funcom (who doesn’t seem to have the tools, anyway). There’s simply no way to police the gear situation during a match. But we can definitely check the buffs on players before and during the match by taking screenshots if need be. So banning shop pots, exiles rune, t5 hox rune etc. is fine and not complicated to do - let’s stick with that.

Yes, I too would love a tournament with fully equalized gear and everything but it’s not gonna happen unless Funcom makes a dedicated tournament server (like in WoW for example) where they decide what items are available to players etc.


This is obviously better for you, because you are signed in Ivory Tower group. Your group is coming from Crom, you are full of Raid Finder rings.

I do not see the point: how can it be difficult to set a rule to set gear visible, and allow only PvP gear and accessories?
Then we set a rule: if just one screenshot is taken with someone using prohibited gear during fight, match is considered lost.
This way we are sure we all play with the same gear, and matches are perfectly balanced.
No one will risk to use prohibited gear, knowing that they loose match if spotted.

And of course also what you Lurvi listed: T5 HoX, Exile, Morphs, Pots etc.

I’m in for balance.
Allowing Raid Finder Rings if only one team has them is not balance.


we are not full of RF rings, only a couple of us, so spare your judgement.

it’s only about what is the bigger evil here. and you don’t see it, or have experienced t5 hox in premade much, I can tell from how little you seem to care.


Well we have stated our points.
To me best things is to equalize everything: only PvP accessories and gear, no runes, no pots at all.

Let’s leave the word to admins.

Whatever they will decide will be fine.
Unless they decide something else, let’s stick with current etiquette


Aren’t RF rings a big boost especially for magic damage using classes? I think if you allow RF rings in this tornement or not has a really big impact on some classes, like demos or necros, hox… It is not only about surivability, but also about huge magic damage boost. Rectify me if I am wrong…

In my opinion there should be no:

  • morphs
  • gold potions
  • RF Rings
  • any runes
  • any potions to enhance your stats (crit, magic damage, combat rating and so on…)

Allowed should be only buff food (HP / stamina / mana) and like Korando said, PVP gear and accessories.


I dont have any RF ring on any of my toons :stuck_out_tongue: And although its hard to police I agree that Rf rings are an abomination that destroy PvP balance on equal ground with some of the runes.