The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


You can’t enforce rules in competitive environment, which are impossible to monitor. Thus unfortunately rf rings are what we have to live with. It is sad funcom didn’t nerf them in pvp.

Though everything else, which promotes less equal grounds and can be monitored, should be forbidden. And these things are:

  1. any kind stat buff potions
  2. astrolabes
  3. all runes
  4. any hp potions which is higher tier than (purified) daggamalt
  5. khitai statues buff

At the start of the match captains of the teams make sure to deliver these rules to members. In case of violation it’s instant match lose. Easy.


Isn’t pvp balance flawed anyway because everyone wants to get opponents as weak as possible, without giving up an advantage they can have over them depending only on what advantage they have (rings for exemple) ? But on the other hand, everyone plays the same game, don’t everyone have the same chances to get the same gear if the players really want it and farm those items ?


You can’t just “farm” Rf rings, you have to do rf once a week for a long ■■■ time to have enough shards for one. Rf also almost never pops on fury as US prime time due to lack of interest/players.


We all have different opinions.
Until myStigga posts something different, we will stick to what is written in current Etiquette and nothing else, everything else allowed.

We need something everyone must accept, and at the moment we have just that.


is it really “impossible” to monitor it though?

all it takes is one screenshot of either hidden gear or ring equipped and it’s match lost.


I agree, I dont see how policing would be difficult. If you really believe someone is too strong in the sense of survivability for example. Taking a screenie of their gear takes a second. No one would risk disqualifying their whole team from the tournie when it only takes 1 screenshot to get caught.

Even tho I rarely played them myself, I saw many tournaments play our trough the years. Something reoccuring is the QQs of the teams not winning, discrediting the winners by complaining about Goldpots and Sogoths, now we can add RF-rings, T5 runes among other things. Would be more prestige if stuff got restricted.

Have fun all in the tournament, fun if people could stream :slight_smile:


we can also agree between teams how we want the rules to be, if there is agreement, that is :stuck_out_tongue:

if you want to korando we can play with the rules you suggested when it’s our turn to fight!


Well if public is ready to disqualify a team with a reason, cuz equipment is hidden. Then sure it’s not impossible :slight_smile:


U guys gonna check players equipment 24/7 middle of mini and combat too? I mean hell I play with inventory open most of the mini just to switch gear to prot / speed sets, that gonna be quite hard to monitor in middle of mini


if you actively do that the whole mini, you would get cough very easily yes, doesnt have to monitor you constantly the whole mini. Its quite easy to understand which situation you would want it, then you’re captured :stuck_out_tongue: Again, I dont think people would dare to do it since they ruin for 5 other players too, thats the point :slight_smile:

even if you got lucky hidingit, it still served a purpose making you use normal gear for majority of the game.


it would be harder than u imagine, that would imply that people spend more time monitoring every 6 players in opponent team for their equipment, and just hoping to catch someone being sneaky to win without actually even playing the mini game.


you are right “very easily” is an overstatement. As i see it restricting armors and rings gives a fairer envirement even if a few souls risk their 5 friends and cheat. Releasing it uncontrolled makes the biggest gap possible. :slight_smile: anyway just a thought, im sure u pvpers can figure out the best way possible.


This whole thread became lol. ban rf rings. if you ban rf rings you have to ban all rings. Lets ban everything and fight naked.


And noone mentioned Sogoths xD


I keep mine lubed and primed for easy going. :sunglasses:


I mean if you really wanted to enforce some rules you could force everyone to play in T1 pvp gear including rings, neck, back and weapons and of course no Exiles ruin. I know this would never happen but it’s just a thought.

That would leave only AA’s as advantages and store bought pots/gold health pots.

Doesn’t really matter how you try to enforce making it fair someone is going to be the typical Ahole and ruin it for everyone.


unless funcom is going to hand out free pvp gear sets, enforcing a “standard” gear set isn’t going to work. If you aren’t pvp 10 with a full set you probably shouldn’t have signed up.


Hey I’m always up for a naked wrestling match…


Its an rpg, character progression and gear is part of the competition. Its not Lol. Only the p2w stuff should be banned. Everythign that can be bought from shop is a no -go. I mean there are even bought accounts in the event but w/e.


If we are to ban sogoths that are best weapon for certain classes, then we should also be banning t5 weapons from most classes and limit weapons only to pvp weapons :sunglasses: