The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


wow thats a nice idea thanks bro


Registration is now open. Please sign up by sending me a message on the forums @MyStygga, a tell in game (/tell Nickromanzer), via a discord private message (Bophemoth#3845), or via the Discord Chat “Registration”:

Registration will remain open until the February 28th, 2019.


Good day!

I would like sign up Team - Night Watch

Tymmi, Demonologist - Night Watch (Captain)
Allandir, Assassin - Night Watch
Svartie, Assassin - Night Watch
Birzum, Bear Shaman - Night Watch
Hercynia, Tempest of Set - Night Watch
Ubermiley, Priest of Mitra - Night Watch
Whineje, Dark Templar - Nigth Watch
Korrbac, Conqueror - Night Watch


Ciao everybody, I would like to sign as a free agent “mercenary”
2 option:
Renzi: Sin
Renzie: Demo
Feel free to contact me.


Dear Heavenly Bible, please guide us through these troubling times, showing us the path to Mitra’s light. Also ty for the spec back in the day.


Aloooo, stop slacking, stop signing up as individuals, make groups!


no u


We’ve gotten groups sending us dms and reaching us through discord and ingame.

On Saturday I’ll reach out to various guild leaders and players to assist in forming teams.

You get 500 shards for participating. A good deal regardless of how you do.

Also if we get a lot of entrants it will give us the space to make two separate leagues which is beneficial to everyone


After hearing back from participants, I’m removing some of the rules surrounding substitutes. Subs do not need to be registered on another team as a main.

In other words, every team now has a pool of 6 players and 2 subs. No strings attached.

Free Agent Drafting
We’re considering hosting a drafting day where all the free agents can get together and try to form some teams. Anybody down to do this Sunday afternoon?


i like to join as a free agent on my necro.


Would like to know, are the rewards going to be claimable on any of a participants characters?


Ciao everybody,

signign as a free agent “mercenary”


Andromaeda: Sin
Calore: Demo
Korando: Bear Shaman

Feel free to contact me.


Wanna subscribe my characters as free agents:


TY please send me my atlantean shards :slight_smile:


We are making 2 teams, but cant seem to complete it just yet. Looking for some good players, preferably heal or (dps) tank.

  1. Reikur, darkmyr, itanhox, deukalipom, nobody

  2. Deukalian, crazyearth, norvege, rakir

We might shuffle a bit depending on who we can find to join us.


Plenty of people have signed as Free Agents up for grabs


We got a good amount of free agents looking for teams. I’ll DM you.the free agent list.

We’ll also try to get some more pug premades going so people can practice working as a team. We’ve yet to have them since we arrived in fury and it’ll be good chance to meet some of our new neighbors


Hi M8,

due to the deadline I want to apply our 2 teams for the tournament. might be I do a little update to add 1 more to both teams so we can have 2 back up per team. Thanks for arranging this!

Team 1: Rakyr, Itanhox, Lornzz, Deukalipom, Darkmyr, Ennzo, Nobody, Deukalian
Team 2: Reikur, Norvege, Deukalian, Legolah, Durien, Tanngo, Crazyearth, Shandical

Kind regards,




Sure thing. Just send me a DM if you have any changes. Will update thread when I get home today :slight_smile:


I guess I have to sign up as a free agent for now.

Shainah - Guard (and maybe I can dust off my barb too, Kaleenja)

I’m hoping we can make an Ivory Tower team at some point but seems a little complicated right now :frowning:


Also signing up as a free agent.
Liquidblack - Demonologist - Full PvP Tier3 gear - Near Full AA’s
Send me a private message if you see me on or post me an in game mail on either Fury or Crom.

Looking forward to getting focused constantly by everyone screaming “KILL THE DEMO, KILL THE DEMO!!!” ^ ^