The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


Now that’s what I call a Big Baller Brand team.



Not sure how this will play out for ppl like myself whos offline cuz of work 2 weeks at a time. But i like the idea and will surely attend when i can. Hopefully we wont be shut out of this cuz of work. Pvp for shards is like a wet dream!:crazy_face:



Run flags but you cant take it anywhere near your own rez pad ever. Insta loss if you do



Again, I will consider serious requests to ring for this event with my pvp 10 bear shaman geared to the teeth and capable of dishing out a serious ■■■ whooping. I will not ring for you Satetka.

Pm me if interested. no fee necessary, just a capable team. If not no worries, I wish all contenders good luck.



How are you going to give Atlantean Shards or is it sponsored by GM?
If shards are real - lf grp, conq(Uebashka)



The shards are going to be provided by AndyB. Check your launcher next time you start AoC – he has provided a link on the launcher!

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To get us back on topic, how many teams have formed so far



We can’t know until the 19th



Im also looking for a team, when i get back home.



Free agent here for now most people will know me by my pom Skuxx I got most classes experienced in premades pm me on here or in game on Rockahstar



If any team needs a necro id like to sign up as a backup.

I work 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off. So ill be offline for the 2 weeks.

Message me here or ingame Natti / Nattinatt

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Removed a few off-topic posts.



Ok boiz if ya need the best ranger in saga im here Skoped



This is really great.
Definitly making me come back to the game. I cant stand playing in crom and fury was soo dead recently…
This will bring life to the server and nice competition.
Really, well done!

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Traitorous ■■■■■! Team stygia will never take you back! You threw that match for Sleves! History will remember!



We (Night Watch) will be registering a team for this later on today, just waiting to see our actual character names on Fury after the merge.

Rest of you peeps, wake up and register too!
Lets have some afk free minis for a change :slight_smile:



Well Hello, there my name is Bible;

As some would know I am a priest of Mitra and ironclad supporter of any team.

For now, I will be signing up as a free agent; I do not belong to “any” teams as of the moment, but I’m willing to take on the opportunity of taking part in this event while it presents itself…

Direct messages are allowed; somedays I might have a nasty response due to the names I do not enjoy seeing messaging me… but if you need a sin (vizine) or a pom (bible) you will have my 100% support :sunny:

I am also motivated to start my own team, if you have any ideas or questions regarding this text feel free to respond…

Good Day Crommies and Furries ^-^

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How can you be the best ranger if you cannot spell your own ranger’s name right :’(

<3 you Skopeyy

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:frowning: why u do diis lets create the best team

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I have an idea. You should call your group “Team Cheetah” and this can be your logo

You’re welcome :grinning: