The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


A team of champions!

Bulba’s redemption arc here we go!


Now that’s what I call a Big Baller Brand team.


Not sure how this will play out for ppl like myself whos offline cuz of work 2 weeks at a time. But i like the idea and will surely attend when i can. Hopefully we wont be shut out of this cuz of work. Pvp for shards is like a wet dream!:crazy_face:


Run flags but you cant take it anywhere near your own rez pad ever. Insta loss if you do


Again, I will consider serious requests to ring for this event with my pvp 10 bear shaman geared to the teeth and capable of dishing out a serious ■■■ whooping. I will not ring for you Satetka.

Pm me if interested. no fee necessary, just a capable team. If not no worries, I wish all contenders good luck.


How are you going to give Atlantean Shards or is it sponsored by GM?
If shards are real - lf grp, conq(Uebashka)


The shards are going to be provided by AndyB. Check your launcher next time you start AoC – he has provided a link on the launcher!


To get us back on topic, how many teams have formed so far


We can’t know until the 19th


Im also looking for a team, when i get back home.


Free agent here for now most people will know me by my pom Skuxx I got most classes experienced in premades pm me on here or in game on Rockahstar


If any team needs a necro id like to sign up as a backup.

I work 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off. So ill be offline for the 2 weeks.

Message me here or ingame Natti / Nattinatt


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Ok boiz if ya need the best ranger in saga im here Skoped


This is really great.
Definitly making me come back to the game. I cant stand playing in crom and fury was soo dead recently…
This will bring life to the server and nice competition.
Really, well done!


Traitorous ■■■■■! Team stygia will never take you back! You threw that match for Sleves! History will remember!