The Bloodbath - Fury's First Seasonal Minigame Tournament


Fair enough, If I do come back for this event ill be bringing the pain with my beast shaman. I too love atlantean shards. If this doesn’t get the crom cryboys off their butts nothing will.

Speaking of which. If any team want a bear shaman for this event feel free to inquire. I might be inclined to help the right team.


Ill be on your team lirial!

Your Prince Charming!


also, how can it work to have alts on different teams…

what happens when your teams are supposed to vs. eachother?

and no way to sign up a couple of backup players? it’s not likely that 6 players are all gonna be available over a 3 month span. this could also relieve the alt situation, and not make lineups the exact same from match to match, so you can adjust it a bit according to who you face.

EDIT: suggestion regarding prizes for backups: at the end of the tournament, each team decides which 6 that will recieve the full prize (say that a backup player attended more matches than one of the guys originally in the team)
then there could also be a prize for backup players, but 50% of the full prize? or just the full prize altogether.

like you said: this tournament should be about making people attend.


My thoughts as well Lurvi, say I’m supposed to play vs the team my alt is in, how do i do that?

This teams of only 6 characters is also very problematic, you should really consider letting us sign up with at the very least 8 to make sure this goes smoothly.


I sent you and Lurvi a direct message. Let’s work this out.


Maybe there is a simple solution.

The player that has toons in both teams wont participate in the match up in either team. This way the remaining 5 players decide which team is strongest.

We can use dummies to pop the mini. After popping, they leave.


Or just remove the feature of having alts in different teams


My preference would be to allow for alts in different teams. It can be hard for people to find 6 people of the right class to form a team. Having the possibility to include alts makes it possible for these people to also participate in the tournament.


What if the player that got toons in both teams is the only healer or just got an important role in one of the teams, and hes not able to participate. Its basically a win for the other team. I would prefer to remove that feature.


That’s a risk this team needs to take into account before taking in an alt that is in two teams. Its not perfect, but better to have this flexibility for those teams that have difficulty finding the right players then to not have a team at all.


I wish this happened 4-5 years ago, since I have not been playing actively for ages…

In any case… if something can let me return a bit to game is this. Will see.

BTW, if someone want to risk with a very old, rusty and missing some rf rings :wink: PvP player… Demo (Calore), Sin (Andromaeda) or BS (Korando) perhaps available


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Updated with some feedback regarding maximum roster size (up to 8 [6 main, 2 subs]), map pool (hv -> loser chooses), etiquette


Roster needs to be 8 players to allow if someone cant make it.

Maps HV and LT capture the flag , TT deathmatch.

I enjoy the capture the flag aspect in a premade creates an interesting dynamic. Interested to know what the community would rather do.


It’s more of an NA thing, they usually always preferred pure death matches. At the same time, removing the flagging also removed the luck factor of getting a bugged or unbugged flag.


Great idea. Another nice event to make “Age of Hackers” to stand out even more :slight_smile:

Why you want Atlanteans on Fury where no PvE-action is going on? For the protection-ring maybe?

Please FunCom … make Age of Conan great again :heart:



Stay on your Crom server. Guys which like AoC’s pvp will play their premades without u and other players which call everything “hacks”. And yes, Atlantean shards need for prot-ring and gems which are really cool for pvp too. And it’s great idea give us chance get shards by doing pvp, moreover premades, not this boring RF for pve crabs.


The problem with flags in AOC isn’t the flag itself. I myself prefer objective based multiplayer games over straight deathmatches. The problem is that the game doesn’t make flag running engaging or fun in anyway. Also it has to be said, attack/defend and control points have always been a more entertaining, complex, game mode than ctf. CTF causes far too many stalemates which you often see in AOC against evenly matched teams.

It is also very predictable in this game what will happen when someone gets the flag. 90% of games play out like this: The more dominant team that controls the map will push the other team to the spawn. The losing team will proceed to throw their lives on the flag letting themselves get farmed. Since the flag runner is going to be tank specced it is almost impossible for the losing team to get a pick on him and even if they do he will immediately get the flag again with hardly any problems. If he’s fast enough he’ll still have his cc immunities up making it a guaranteed flag grab. If you decide to focus the tank as he picks up the flag, then prepare to have the whole team collapse in on you as they melt you down unopposed allowing the carrier to grab the flag regardless.

Even if you are the dominate team the best tactic you can take is to keep the flag in your spawn. It is far too easy to defend from there and provides the greatest odds of retaining the flag. When the flag is in the spawn it is difficult to suppress the team as they have a short walk (or no walk at all) from the spawn to the flag that is right in front of them.

Furthermore, it is too easy to pick the flag back up once it drops. You also have the hide bug that people exploit which is another layer of lameness. Then there is the snare. Why would anyone willingly debuff themselves, gimping them in the process? No other ctf game has ever done that before. Yet it is okay here. Boggles my mind why no one has ever pointed out why debuffing a player for playing the objective is not a smart developer decision.

I suppose the main argument to this is the cultural divide between Euro players and NA players as to their preference in game modes. But I disagree because NA players will do CTF and objective based modes in any other game out there. It is just in AOC where the CTF mechanics are so unappealing to play in a competitive way.

Speaking personally, playing in NA servers before the Fury merger, the playerbase realized really fast how lame the flag carrying mechanics/totem zerging were in this game and decided as a community to simply duke it out to see who the dominate team was. Once a team was in the pad and exposed as the clearly weaker team, then they proceeded to run the flags/destroy the totem to put an end to what will devolve into a farm fest out of good sportsmanship. Most of the time anyway…

Some light on the decision for this tournament to be done in the NA style.


You are talking about unbalanced flag games, which is not what always happens (and is not what should happen in premades). And if the teams are that unbalanced, how is it gonna be any different with deathmatch rules? One team will get farmed back to pad either way if the team balance is off.

My experience with flag is rather: if the teams are very careful/tanky (as in, the carrier won’t die once on either side) it will feel a lot like a deathmatch but with one tank on each side being permanently snared, greatly reducing how painful they are to certain classes (like demo, necro, ranger…). Those games can be boring if no one takes any risks I suppose but I’ve usually had a good time either way, be it as a carrier or dps/healer. Other flag games you will get a lot of back and forth, with flags being dropped and picked and maybe even scored. Unfortunately those can soooo easily be ruined by the flag pick bug…

Having one teammate that you can’t afford to let down and one enemy that you need to try and catch at a good time sure adds something compared to plain old deathmatch where you just train down the most squishy targets over and over. Having mostly played tanks, I’ve always found deathmatches somewhat boring for that reason in AoC: with the class balance it’s basically tanks chasing clothies, pushing like crazy and still coming out on top while never being in any real danger.

Oh and I’ve never seen flaggers running a “tank spec” outside of pugs. It’s always just a regular pvp spec so that you don’t lack cc and damage when needed. Yes, flaggers in AoC do damage and get kills too.


Im signing up with Bulba, Professor, Maemmi, Debra and Akara :slight_smile:


backup : lirial and ranger (if we can get him unbanned)