The chronicles of the hairy hippo



looking to recruit groups of people for a server

home of the hairy hippo twitch streamer

starter kits
unlock all emotes instantly
3 x xp
2 x gather
half hunger and thirst

open to ideas of events and community projects

Firstly go to the steam workshop and download the following ‘mods’:

  1. Pippi - User & Server Management
  2. LTs Farming
  3. LTs Compass
  4. LitMan Level One Fifty Six
  5. DyeMoreBetterer

Once subscribed, open up the game and go to the mods section and activate them all in the order shown.

Restart the game.

Go to online mode and at the bottom left direct connect to “”

Come explore, build and conquer!

This Server is Twitch Friendly, so Nudity is switched off and there are keywords that have been blocked

pvp is on but i aim to make this a fun respectful server

hope to see you all soon