The cry of my soul about client-server interaction

Hello, I am writing this message about a very painful problem. Namely, about cheating. At the moment, there is a great variety of vulnerabilities and hacks of the game. But I want to tell you about the biggest and most unbearable problem.

This is a cheat that allows you to steal things from chests without logs. When we talk about the usual SpeedHack or Killaura, we perfectly understand that the violation can be captured on video and effectively punish the cheater. But not in this case. At the moment, it is impossible to write a report on a player who steals without leaving logs. And it completely breaks the game. Players, trying to escape, hide things in animals, try to build hangars above the base so that cheaters do not reach the chests. This is the real madness!

And the worst thing is that this is easily fixed by fixing the logic of client-server interaction when working with the storage entity! This problem looks like a half-day task for the developer. And don’t try to convince me, I know how it works and how it is written in the code. I think such problems should be displayed as a hot fix, as it literally drives players out of the game!

I kindly ask you to believe me and review the data synchronization code between the client and the server within the framework of the storage entities.
As an example, add access validation when trying to retrieve an item from storage.

It is also very strange that cheaters can look into the contents of other players’ chests. After all, this means that data was transferred from the server to the client about the contents of these chests. This is a serious vulnerability! And besides, this is not an optimized use of network traffic, such data is not needed by these clients! In addition, the device’s RAM is not efficiently consumed, storing unnecessary data.

This must be done immediately!

It is impossible to adequately prove this, the maximum is the fact that there are logs of how the item is placed in the chest, but there is no log of how it disappeared from there.

Please trust me and pass this on to the development department. This problem is killing the game!

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It’s about 6 months consistently now that this hasn’t seen a fix.

It was explained by another forum member that the 3rd party program(s) responsible for looting chest has become so engulfing that Funcom can’t keep up and are impossible to address due to various factors.

Which can be very true; they have a lot of different responsibilities in the game and it’s not a Funcom only problem. They also have a new Age coming, they’re constantly rolling out new content in BP and BLB, working on bug fixes, etc.,…

However, Funcom used to be concerned with cheating back in the early days. Their communication has reduced as time goes by. I have asked repeatedly, in live streams, announcements and my own post. At least something, anything, would be nice. It can be argued that they don’t talk about it because they do not want to tip off the 3rd party developers. But I don’t think any of us affected want to know specifics, only that they care and want to do something about it.

Certainly Official PVP and to a degree makes running a cheat free private server more stressful.

PVP has a small population. It was never huge by any means but was loud and proud. The Official servers on PC are hanging on by threads and for my region has been reduced to 2 semi populated but are infested with hackers. When I was still playing, clan and I had to come up with creative ways to ensure we could hang on to a semblance of loot to be effective. Usually the cheats would come in late at night after raid time; now they’re coming around during raid time to loot. No shame.

They’re also hitbox pulling thralls and animals so loot is no longer safe within those inventories.

A clan of hackers told me in January that they were going to take down all Official servers. Heard through the grapevine that in cheater spaces that this was true. I believe it because it is happening.

About 2 months ago PVE-C started to see some of the cheats. When all the entertainment is gone or goal is accomplished they’re going to go for both PVE-C and PVE. Then what?