The Gem in the Tower Achievement (one more)


I know this topic has been asked many times and I’ve also used it to try to answer my question.
I’m trying to get the achievement “The gem in the tower”, I unlocked all the points by following the interactive map (I even have more). I compared against other topics on this forum, I even found a guide on Steam that talks about points that are often forgotten. I’m not missing any from the info I was able to get, but the Steam achievement doesn’t validate.
I’m playing on a multiplayer server with friends, I only miss this achievement. I don’t see what I forgot on the map.
Do we have to do all the dungeons in addition?
I can’t upload or link my map, because I’m a new user. Sorry.

I still can’t post a map or a link, but I did the same post on the Steam hub. So if you want to see my map I put the link on steam.

I understand that to be able to put an image you have to earn a kind of rank, which you have by participating in discussions, but I’m bad at English and copying and pasting in Google translation for each message is tedious.

Isn’t that the one for going inside the tower in the center of siptah?

No, already done. I even found the black hand camp. And the two points of the cursed north of the tower, the underwater caves, the vault in F4.
In F11, there is a camp, but no point to discover too.
I did all the dungeons, found the marching camp to the north (important if you want Rocknose). I also discovered the six temples.

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