The hitbox of pets is too big

The hitbox for this pet barely 1/28th the size of a foundation takes up nearly an entire foundation. This gets in the way of paths and hallways, and squeeze spots.This for the iron hound, cats, and pretty much every pet. Why does it need such a big hitbox? Why a hitbox at all? Salamanders don’t have one, and they’re combat pets. These dudes are cosmetic and shouldn’t get in the way as much as they do. We need to rethink the size of hitboxes, especially for things as simple as house pets.

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I think you’re right about that. Idk how many times my cat blocks me from getting inside my base because it decided to sit at the entrance.

Especially the fox. The wolf’s hit box is not as large as the Fox. I can’t even jump over them it’s so big.

What’s funny is if the cat runs into you, it can actually push you back and up. I mean, those must be some real supercats that have been huffing strength potions, because I’ve yet to meet a house cat that actually push an adult up into the air.

Then again, I’ve never seen anyone punch a rhino so hard it goes sailing the length of three football fields. Clearly, “gritty realism” is very important in Conan Exiles. :crazy_face:


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