Combat: Animations, Polish, and Hitboxes, oh my

I need to ask this, because it has been too long.

Will combat animations and their hitboxes ever be improved upon? Will large creatures ever be improved so that their attacks don’t cause you to get stuck inside of them? Has anyone tried fighting mammoths, rhinos, the large croc, the large snakes, etc? Its just not fun. Not even close.

Playing solo here and certain weapons just whiff right through any short enemies, like crocodiles and spiders, whether using the lock on feature or manually aiming. Though, ironically, manually aiming give me better chances at hitting enemies than the lock on. Also, why is it that certain attacks within a weapon’s attack chain lunge so damn far? Why do I need to attempt to lunge 7 feet forward if my opponent is right in front me, causing me to miss?
One handed axes: heavy attacks are almost as fast at light attacks and apply debuffs. What is even the point of the light attacks?

I could go on and on about silly things like this but Ill just leave this as is.
Takeaway: the game still needs some work/polish/reworking.

Just a few points I’d like to throw out there. Don’t be offended by it. Just work to improve it.
Love the game, but Im really disheartened to see some of these things STILL plaguing this game.

I love the changes to healing though. Just wish we could roll out of the animation instead of being forced to continue bandaging in imminent danger.


So in my experience, many of the large creatures actually work FINE IF and ONLY IF they are sized down. I’ve been able to do this using the Pippi NPC Spawner tool. Its amazing that NPCs like the Giant Snake and Dragons work fine when sized down. They even do not glitch into things.

So I think the problem is they are sized up from a basic size and then we see wonkiness.

Whenever I use these NPCs in custom dungeons, I size them down for the best performance. This does nothing for the basic vanilla ones in game.

However… a modder likely could mod them to be the ‘correct’ size. It won’t be as grand looking. But at least the glitchiness would go away.

In consoles the game is like you described, i see no offense on your post, just the truth and i agree. Welcome to the comunity :+1:.

not a proper fix, but you can jump out of most mobs you get stuck in

FIRST: I am no expert, I haven’t even tried to create models (only in Sea of dogs 2 however I have a slight clue that’s pretty far from this game), but I think the big creatures started smaller (I wouldn’t say their hitbox is small and then the devs gave them bigger textures or somehow enlarged them because if you hit a mammoth in the tusks it still bleeds - hahh, bleeding tusks!!).
So probably in development the “end coordinates” that describe the very edges and the actual size of the creatures and thus control their movement and action are smaller than the actual models and that’s why they get stuck on everything and even the character stuck in them.

Again: I’m just guessing based on my ENORMOUS knowledge in creating things. Maybe some expert could explain this to me too.

Lol all very true.

Rather unfortunate that back in December, the new lead designer (I believe that was his title) basically stated what Ive touched on, that combat could be better, in a nutshell. Here we are, almost a year later…

Dont get me wrong: there’s been great progress made for the game.
But the core combat experience isn’t polished/enticing. Kind of makes the rest of the game moot IMO.

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