Animal hitboxes off

I have been noticing a problem with some of the smaller or lower profile animals having their hitboxes off since the update. Like fighting crocodiles and spiders, a few hits will miss leaving me completely open to them, sometimes entire combos don’t connect or in the case with crocs I have to practically look straight down to hit them, which is very problematic since there are usually 3 hanging outside my front door. Snakes seem harder to hit as well and their hitboxes were small to start with.

That’s by design. To hit a creature that’s low to the ground, you need to aim low. To cripple or trip you need to hit the legs. To headfirst you need to hit the head. If anything the combat is better for it and makes slaying creatures like crocodiles far easier as you can land entire combos on them and kill them in a matter of seconds.

If you’re not aiming at your target, then don’t be surprised when you cannot hit them.

I am aiming at them though, even target locked, just not connecting like I was the other day. You shouldn’t have to be standing on a croc looking at your feet to fight it with a sword. Idk I’ll give it another try though.

No…he’s right…even when you are aiming at some things the hitbox is quite skewed. This actually applies to everything in the game except the largest of creatures. Hell even stone nodes can have messed up hitboxes(Ever sat there trying to farm a node practically inside it but nothing happens?) There is very clrealy something off about enemy hitbox and collision detection currently.

This is absolutely a thing that I’m dealing with in the game. Even using a downward heavy attack with a maul on a spider, while locked on, phases right through. Some normal enemy NPC’s as well, I just can’t hit them. I’ve tried daggers, swords, pikes, spears, mauls. It’s the worst on Crocodiles and Spiders that I’ve noticed so far though, to the point where I just run, or waste 15 minutes trying to angle my attack just right to actually hit them. Really hoping Funcom fixes this as I’m really starting to get into the game, and don’t want to have to choose my battles based on how many bugs I’m going to experience ; - ;

Does it seem like your attacks are swinging only waist level? That turns out what my problem was. I took my bracelet off by my bed and that fixes the problem.

you can hit npcs in the leg but they don’t seem to get the Status effect unlike Players. Correct me if I’m wrong though.