Can't Hit Crocs

Crocs can be hit with swords or daggers anymore the attacks go right over them. you guys really messed up your game with this launch . I haven’t tried polearms yet but I’m just guessing that the hit boxes or something was altered and you’ve broken Crocs altogether.

I can still hit them with daggers, but they don’t have a collision box like most enemies so when I combo them, I go ‘through’ them and the last hit on my dagger heavy attack combo always misses. It’s pretty annoying.
Incidentally, this allows you to dodge roll straight through them, which can be convenient.

The new salamanders in the swamp are the same way. (They’re basically just tougher crocs as they have the exact same attack and movement patterns).

But yeah try polearms, they work better.

They did release the game with an enormous amount of bugs, several that are game breaking too. But I’m sure they were pressured to.

Its not about crocs or hit boxes…they simply removed players ability to change vertical angle…one single stupid change ruined game entirely for me…

But it is about crocs, at least in my experience. I pass through crocs and salamanders as there is no collision. I don’t do this with other enemies. I can aim down and hit them just fine, but if I combo, I go all the way through them and my finisher misses.

I play in third person view and can change the angle of my attacks vertically with any weapon, I’m not sure how it is with first person. Just tried it with spiders. If I look above them, my spear goes over and misses. If I aim down, I hit them.

then…seems like some bugs here…wtf i cant change damn angle… do u play SP or on servers?

Single player and sometimes on my own dedicated server. I don’t use any mods or admin commands.
Is it different on official servers?

I’ve noticed locking onto enemies will change my attack angle as well. Like rhinos, that’ll make me attack upwards. Small critters make me aim down.

During early stages of Early Acess SP mode had more bugs so i just wanted to know may my problem be SP mode problem…i dunno whats with yours… i just fought bunch of crocs and the only problem for me is thats it s prety hard to hit them with spear when u r not able to aim down… but hitboxes overall feels much better for me after launchday patch…

Well I mostly play SP, so I don’t think it’s a SP bug specifically. I have no idea what it could be.

I’m able to aim up and down in both first and third person views. Are you on PC?

Yeah PC…i died to thrist while was googling for my problem and now i can aim again so its just a bug and may be couse of mods…

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Haha. It sucks that you died but I’m glad it’s working. Hopefully it ‘keeps’ working.

Yeah I get this problem from time to time when I log back into the game. Typically I just take off my bracelet next to bed. That seems to fix it and I don’t have to run far to collect my things… I play SP as well so it may be an SP problem.