Stuck in "high aiming mode" is still a thing


Everytime i log in my SP game i have to kill my char to get rid of the issue. This hasn’t happened to me once in multiplayer but in SP the bug is permanent on my char.

Please fix this for good.


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I had that issue early on, but only in solo. Eventually, it went away and never returned. I can no longer see it anymore. That’s a bit hard to reproduce. I never experienced it online private.

Your workaround painful; my workaround was a relog or getting lower in elevation than the target. I leapt over more crocodiles than I can count. Still painful, but not as severe as yours.

While I fully agree this is a bug, I fear it has taken a back seat to the current issues of players not being able to play, and can only hope those are fixed soon, so the QOL bugs can get some needed attention.



Yes, problem is :

  • harvesting corpses becomes sometimes impossible depending of the terrain (especially with religious Tools such as the ymir axe)

  • some ennemies like snakes become almost impossible to hit with daggers and you Don’t want to get bitten too much by those :wink:

So, for me the deal is quickly sealed: “remove bracelet”. But a defentive fix would be VERY VERY WELCOME

I fully agree with everything you just posted, and it needs to be fixed.

There is one other temporary workaround you may try for item 1, but it takes timing and practice and I never got it down pat. It’s some combination of crouching and swinging the religious tool. IIRC, I crouched then swung, but don’t quote me on that :slight_smile:

Good luck !



If the terrain is 100% flat and you’re using ymir tool with this bug, there is just NO WORKAROUND to m yknowledge outside of removing your bracelet.

For small creatures you can always use the terrain as they move towards you. With light attacks you can also get the job somehow done after a big struggle, still painfull though.

As i said the issue is def not new and a pain in the … about time it gets what it deserves.

Hey @roro4066

We’re aware of this issue. It’s taking a while for us to get our hands on it as we have to take care of a few critical issues first, bit it’s in our team’s plate for the future :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback.


Alright ignasis, tks

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