Getting Aim bug with Pickaxe (multifunction) and Spear since recent patch

Game mode: [Single-player]
Type of issue: [Bug]

unable to aim spear down only the last strong attack seems to connect with a crocodile, also unable to aim pickaxe down so some stones are unable to be struck.

This only started occurring after the most recent steam patch to game, I already had wheels of pain in two different locations and had broken thralls at both prior to this. ( some people were thinking this was a cause of the bug? )

There was a previous thread about this issue and it did not seem to come to a resolution but it is now locked and i wanted to chime in that i was now also having this issue.

Just want to chime in again that using a mod to edit character appearance, without even adjusting anything, seems to resolve the issue till next session.

I used to have that issue and it was extremely annoying, having to leap over crocs to get to lower ground.

For some reason, it stopped. No particular patch or update, I no longer experience it, solo or online. Since I do not use mods, that’s not a contributor (for me).

Sorry this is no help, but I felt your pain.

It’s nice that it’s gone for me and I hope you resolve yours or the devs fix it.

Have a good game :slight_smile:


What helps mostly with this really ennoying bug around for long now, it’s removing bracelet, near a bed of course, after placing your stuff in a chest. :wink:

It’s a horrible bug i agree.

The altering character size, not sure if it’s related. Altering size is still tricky, animations works best with a size they’re made for, nothing magical with that. And in game, if you alter size, go over or under 50 like default, there is still a chance that your physics will break in this playtrough (hair, clothings not fawing and so).

Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and they’re looking into it.

I’m having this issue with every weapon and tool except maybe the Derketo knife. Not even the pick will strike below a certain point. Sometimes relogging helps, sometimes it doesn’t. I really hate this bug. I’m facing a lot of crocs and spiders and it’s very difficult to hit them because I can’t strike low. I’m playing in single player.

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Don’t relog. When you first log in, go into first person mode (“P” key by default) and look straight down. You should be looking down at your character’s chest and pretty much see what you would if you did it in RL and had that body. If this is the case, you’re ok and can continue playing as normal. If you can see inside your character, the bug is active and you won’t be able to hit things on the ground.

When the bug is active, just lay down a bedroll or make sure you’re close to your bed and open the menu, then click on “Remove Bracelet.” This will kill you, but it will fix the bug for that session. Just consider it one final step in the login process.

The bug has been around a very long time and as far as I know nobody has been able to puzzle out what causes it. Basically your character just stops being able to aim up or down. It’s kind of like they threw a disc in their back so now they can no longer bend over to hit anything on the ground. :wink:

Anyway, the reason that things like Derketo’s Kiss and skinning knives still work is because the animation has you kneeling down and dragging the blade across the ground. Everything else just swings wherever you’re aiming.

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Hmm, is there some reason you’re suggesting I shouldn’t relog? Logging out to the main menu then logging back in works fine, I haven’t seen that doing so causes any issues.
I test to see if I have the bug by equipping a pick. If it hits the ground I’m fine, if not the bug is active. Simply logging out to the main menu then logging back in gets rid of the bug. Most of the time when I first log in the bug is active. If it’s not 100% of the time it’s pretty darn close to it.

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Well, there’s nothing particularly wrong with relogging other than you have to go through the whole process a second time and there’s no guarantee that it will fix the problem. Checking in first person and then committing suicide if it’s active is generally a quicker method and doesn’t involve reconnecting to the server.

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Since I’m playing single player that’s not really much of an issue. I would concede the point if I had to close the game entirely instead of just exiting to the main menu, or if I were logging into a public server. Also I tend to carry quite a few items so having to rearrange all that and my action bars would be more of a pain than reloging. Plus so far reloging has worked 100% of the time. Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far, but as long as it consistently works I think for me it’s the best option. That said I appreciate the advice and I’ll keep your advice in mind if things change.

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If it works for you, it’s the right solution for you.

Glurin’s idea is, as far as I know, one that works for everyone, so it’s still worth mentioning. Relogging works for me often, but not always.

Another possible solution for you, seeing that you play single-player, is to use a mod like CharEditLite (of course, this only works on PC) that lets you “reload” your character while logged in. It’s faster than relogging and hurts less than dying (a lot less!).


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